Monday, May 27, 2013

25 Bee Resources

  1. Bumblebee Coloring Pages
  2. Painted Handprint Bee
  3. Rock Bees
  4. B is For Bumblebee Craft
  5. B Preschool Printables
  6. Bees: Preschool Theme Unit
  7. Honey Bee Lap Book
  8. Bee Empire: Online Game
  9. Dotted Cartoon Bee Worksheets
  10. "The Honey Files" Teacher's Guide
  11. Bees Online
  12. Bee Notebooking Pages
  13. Queen Bee Craft
  14. Buzzing Bumblebee Mobile
  15. Footprint Bumblebee >
  16. Bumblebee
  17. Bumblebee M&M Treat
  18. Fuzzy Bumblebee Craft
  19. Bee Toilet Paper Roll Craft
  20. Edible Bee-
  21. Lightbulb Bee
  22. Popsicle Stick Bee
  23. Bee Lunch Bags
  24. Tissue Paper Bee
  25. Bee Pinata

You were right, Justin Collins

I was 17. I see a sign in the hallway of my school. The "Hells Bells: The Dangers of Rock and Roll" video would be showing after school. I was interested. I didn't consider myself a "rocker" or anything but I did like some stuff. Nine Inch Nails, Helmet, Black Flag. This should be interesting. 

So I went. I still remember being amazed at what the video shared. The backmasking, the hidden agendas. Wow. I called myself a Christian. I really did.  I thought I was one. I went to church. I prayed. I even read my Bible. But the inner dealings of my heart. Those were on reserve. I may have said I "gave my heart to Jesus" but I hadn't. The hurts, pains and frustrations in my life were so bottled up inside and noone, not even God himself was going to touch those areas of my life.

This video shook me. As it should. Unfortunetly, the teachings that followed, were by a student younger than myself who was mis-led. He had just transferred from another school so none of us really knew him. He began handing out sheets of paper. On the paper were lists of popular bands. I was drawn to the rock, punk and hardcore ones. One side listed popular bands such as Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, etc. The top stated, "if you love...then you'll like...." while the other side had a list of similar Christian bands. If you love Green Day...then you'll like MXPX. If you like Nine Inch Nails then you'll like Klank. 

Little did I know that this day was the beginning of a long journey that seemed perfect, and so right at first but only led to  a dark, dark, place. From this point on I had found something I could cling to. An identity. A Christian punk rocker. I had my first boyfriend, leading to many that only lasted a short while. Most of them were in bands. Others just wanted to be. I was cool. Or so I thought. Every weekend was another concert. My money was thrown away into establishing my identity, band shirts, pins, bumper stickers, jewelry that fit my style. But it didn't end there. Then came the tattoo, the piercings, the shaved head. I was a different person but I didn't care. I was accepted in this group and that is all that mattered. 

So one day I'm reading a list about these interesting "Christian" bands. And within a few short years I'm eating after a show in a diner with Squad Five O. I'm sitting in the living room of the house in NYC of the lead singer of Klank watching "The Exorcist." Yep. Real Christian. I was cool though. Or so I thought. I mean, a member of Five Iron Frenzy approached me, yes me, randomly one day in Central Park to tell me he liked my tattoo. Ok, so was I "in" or what?

 I'm not saying all Christian bands are evil. Yes, there are alter calls . Prayer tents. I get it. I've worked the prayer tents of some of these events such as Kingdom Bound, Creation, etc. My concern is the mixture. What fellowship does light have with darkness? That is my question. I've spent time with some of these "Christian" bands that you can buy in your local Christian bookstore and I tell you, I see no difference in the scene I was in before I started listening to the "Christian" stuff.

Shortly after that Bible study in my public school in which I was introduced to these bands, my friend and I asked the youth leaders in our church if we could share what we learned. 
So there we were. Lists in hand, CD player plugged in, we shared our great find. I made some new friends that day who wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Which is kind of scary thinking back on how I misled those youth.

This is where I look back and ask, where was God? 
The answer. Justin Collins.
A random kid. He lived down the road from us, went to a private Christian School in the neighboring town and was invited to a lock-in at our church. I remember seeing him withdrawn from the activities. The local "Christian Punk Rock" bands were done playing in the sanctuary and a playlist was playing over the intercom. A few contemporary songs, then some rock mixed in. You know, to appeal to whole crowd. I went over to see what was wrong and this moment stays with me to this day. He was distressed about the music and didn't understand why it was being played or how it was Christian. I could tell it was bothering him and I didn't understand why. And I certainly didn't tell him that I was the one who put the music together for the night.
I didn't get it. But I do now. One person challenged what everyone accepted as the norm. He saw the mixture, the compromise. He understood that something was "off." It wasn't until 4 or 5 years later, when I truly received the Lord and left the scene completely that I understood. God's spirit filled my heart so completely that I didn't need that music, that scene, that mess anymore so I just gave it up. Got rid of my CDs, shirts, everything. About a year later I heard a teaching called "Strange Fire" from some pastors at the Door Fellowship in Williamsport, PA.
Aaron's sons Nadab and Abihu took their censers, put fire in them and added incense; and they offered unauthorized fire before the LORD, contrary to his command.
Lev. 10:1 

This fire, that was meant to be offered to the most Holy God was mixed with "added incense." The Bible says that this fire was contrary to his command. I would say now, after experiencing the Christian alternative scene, that a majority of it is consumed with "added incense." And to be honest, I want nothing to do with it. I share this post with you to encourage you to be a Justin Collins in your areas of influence. If God has convicted your heart about something that is not pleasing to him. Take that stand. This young man didn't get up and scream and shout that we were all evil, but he didn't partake in what he thought was wrong. I challenge you to do the same, you never know whose life you may change!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's OK, Mom

It's Okay, Mom. 
You're going to make it through. 
The sleepless nights
The puking kids
The baby (and toddler, and preschool) blues.

You feel a mess
but the BEST is yet to come.
When the children are screaming
It's okay to feel undone.

Just steal away, in another room
and take a great deep breath
God gave you this responsibility
He won't leave you feeling helpless!

Pray a prayer
Sing a song
Read a verse or two.
Jesus said He won't leave you comfortless
trust His Word is true!!

We don't live by feelings
or the pains of the day
but the fact that God is real.
He loves you
and created your kids
regardless of the pain that we feel.

Ask for wisdom in speech in the difficult times
you'll be amazed at what you'll say
through the power of the God at work in your heart 
when you trust Him and obey.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm Going to HEAV!

So I was up in the air about attending my first ever homeschool convention. Trying to get away for three days when you have three little ones, and homeschool is not easy! Ideally I would love to go with the whole family, the thought of being away from the family for three days is a little scary. But not too scary. I think I'll make it. Actually, once I decided to go, everything just started to fall into place, some great women to go with and.... a FREE ticket. That's right, FREE. I entered a contest on a blog and was just hoping as everyone does that I would win, and I did!!! So excited!! I'm not sure I really saved any money though since I know I'll be tempted to buy more now at the used book sale. Yes, you read that right. They sell used homeschool materials, a dream come true!!! If you've ever been to HEAV or another homeschool convention, feel free to leave me a comment with any tips you wish someone told you before you went to your first one....thanks!

Teddy Mountain Collinsville Review

Just a few short months ago Teddy Mountain Collinsville opened it's doors in Collinsville, VA. With three kids ages six and under, I'm always looking for fun and affordable family-friendly activities! When I saw that Teddy Mountain opened up where children can create their own plush toys, I was excited! I was even more thrilled when I found out that their prices are reasonable.
$9.99 for an 8 in plush

$12.99 for 16 in
 Choose from a wide array of different animals!

You can even make your own pillow pet, LOVE it!!
Place a little heart and/or song in your toy for a little extra charge...

My sweet little birthday girl holding up her bear
with his cute pajamas she picked out! She named him Max!
They also have a cute grooming station station to groom your little pal before you tuck them away safely in a cute carry home box or backpack! My daughter loved the box that looks like a little house for her new friend! She also has his certificate hanging on the fridge with the picture of her holding Max!

I was afraid she'd wear out the batteries because when she came home all she wanted to do was play the "Happy Birthday" song that she put inside. It's a special gift, because she made it herself! While stuffing the bear, she was able to step on  a foot pedal to allow the stuffing to go in. I thought that she would take longing picking out an outfit for her bear since they had so many cute outfits to choose from! But right away she was drawn to the PJ's, so we went with the cute, snugly, bedtime theme!

  The whole experience is what makes it fun, rather than just going to a toy store and buying a toy. This would be a perfect treat for a child who has saved up birthday or chore money to go and create their own friend! Also, we are always looking for something to do when their grandparents come in for a visit! They even hold birthday parties and have a room in the back for groups! If you bring your church group or daycare, the cost is $10 per child. When you buy 6 you receive the 7th FREE! A portable machine is available as well, call the store for details!

3264 A Virginia Ave Collinsville, VA
Tues, Wed, Thurs. 1-7pm
Fri and Sat 11-8pm

I received a free product for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.