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Welcome to Thrift Schooling's 
Grand Opening Giveaway!! 

One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is watching my 

kids learn how to read. The first time they read a sentence, 

on their own, is priceless. I love these beginning years, 

teaching and training the basics to help build a strong 

foundation so they eventually  will become strong readers. 

My husband and I both love to read, books flood our living 

room, dining room and, well, the whole house. Even with 

resources galore on the Internet, as far as reading goes, 

there is nothing more satisfying than a good old-fashioned 

book! As parents, our hope is to grow our children into life 

long learners and in order to do that they need to obtain 

the basic, every day skills involved with reading.

Since my children are raised in a home with tons of books at 

their fingertips, with a typical homeschool mom that comes 

home with literally a crate full of books from the local 

library weekly, you'd think osmosis would set in and they 

would automatically know how to read. Well, in a sense, 

yes, they are exposed to reading and books which has 

helped them tremendously but there is one key element 

missing. The WHYS. That's right, the WHYS of reading. The 

rules, the pronunciation and basic phonics. 

I've noticed with  my five year old, who is turning into an 

excellent reader, that because of his extensive vocabulary 

and understanding of the world around him he, can figure 

out most simple words in an easy reader. These books 

usually have pictures to help figure out the words, are 

rhyming and include the basic sight words used in reading. 

This type of reading is important and has its place but what 

is important for a beginning reader to understand is why a 

word sounds the way it does. Of course, there will always 

be exceptions to the rules, which can be frustrating for a 

young learner but learning the basic rules of phonics can 

help a reader become more fluent in their learning.

Currently this year, I am using a supplemental reading 

program to help not only my five year old, but my four year 

old as well learn to read! I was excited to receive the 

Reading Horizons Homeschool Intensive Phonics Teacher's 

Kit to use this year in our homeschool, courtesy of Reading 

Horizons at Home!

Reading Horizons uses a research-based approach created 

by Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham known as the Orton-

Gillingham Approach which is a proven way of learning how 

to read.

 6 Key Features to this Approach
  • Language-Based: Helps to understand the nature of human language
  • Multi Sensory: Action-oriented teaching methods
  • Structured, Sequential, Cumulative The elements of the language are taught systematically. Students begin by reading and writing sounds in isolation. Then they blend the sounds into syllables and words. 
  • Cognitive Readers study the many generalizations and rules that govern its structure in reading.
  • Flexible: Is able to meet an individual students needs.
  • Emotionally Sound: Students gain skills in each lesson bringing them a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

When you order the Homeschool Intensive Phonics Teacher's Kit you will receive the following in a nice durable black tote holding your entire coursework of materials (pictured below). 

Kit Includes a Five Unit Reading Program 
You can currently

You'll receive:
1) Discover Intense Phonics For Yourself: Teacher's Manual Elementary Education Vol.1 (408 pages)
~ A Foundation For Grades Kindergarten through Third: Lessons 1-30
~ Includes a Step-By Step System
~ Teaches 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, 5 Phonetic Skills and Two-Step Decoding of Multi-Syllabic Words

2) Discover Intense Phonics For Yourself: Teacher's Manual Elementary Education Vol.2 (820 pages)

~ A Foundation For Grades Kindergarten through Third: Lessons 31-83
~ Includes a Step-By Step System
~ Teaches 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, 5 Phonetic Skills and Two-Step Decoding of Multi-Syllabic Words

EXTRAS include 

~ CD Rom with printable worksheets, games, activities and spelling lists

~ Little Books Readers

~ Sound Essentials Workbook for First Grade and Up (hard copy version of the CD Rom)

~ 14 Posters

~ Reverse Learning Cards

I love using the hands on approach these materials have to offer.  Although, I do know many homeschooling families are utilizing the computer as much as possible. Reading Horizon's Computer Software teaches the same skills and would be a wonderful tool for a parent of several homeschooled children to have the online version of the program to use for an emergent reader needing to learn these basic skills. 

View a sample lesson here                                                      Purchase Software for $199 here

This curriculum encourages many multi-sensory activities including "board" time. Each lesson encourages you to have each student standing at a board while you dictate to them. This keeps them active and involved. You can use this program for multi level grades at the same time between grades Kindergarten through third grade. This works great in my case since I am currently teaching my two boys, one is in first and the other is in kindergarten.

My First Grader. I say the letter blend twice, he repeats it once and then writes it while standing at a white board.

My kindergartner. I say the letter twice, he repeats it once and then writes it.
My kindergartner learning his basic letters and sounds.

Helps my first grader with handwriting practice.

Reading Horizons also provides Webinars that you can join live or watch later. Past Webinars include,

**Giveaway Time**
One winner will receive the same Homeschool Intensive Phonics teacher's Kit that I reviewed above!
Open to US residents 18 and older only

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