How I Save $1,450 a Year!

Thrift Schooling

{{{$200 SAVED}}} Switched from Contact Lenses to Glasses 

I've always despised the way I look in glasses. Maybe because when I first got glasses, it was the 80's. So all I remember from that experience were the big hair, bangs and large maroon frames hiding my face! So when I found out about contact lenses in middle school, I was all over it and never desired to go back to frumpy frames again. Well, not until I started having kids that is! When I first was married, we had two incomes and forking out $200 a year for an exam and lenses was no problem. But when I had to choose contacts or diapers after our first child, well I'm sure you can figure out what I chose, thankfully! Now that my youngest is potty training and diapers won't be seen around here for a while, I still can't even bear the thought of spending so much on contacts anymore! Especially when you can buy glasses, without having your info updated each year and can buy frames online for less than $20 at many of these discount eye places, which I do in fact buy from!

{{{$500 SAVED}}} Cut the Cable

 More and more people are doing this since so much can be found online these days. I love YouTube and Hulu and a few other sites that I use instead of paying for TV. I really don't feel like I'm missing out, and plus, I'm saving $500 a year!

{{{$500 SAVED}}} Good-Bye Cell Phone

Sound impossible? Not really. When I first got my own car in the 90's and starting driving, people just would trust that you wouldn't break down, and if you did you would simply pray for a good samaritan to come and help you out. And let me tell you, time and time again this has been the case. I've never been stranded and the few times I've had a flat on the side of the road, someone would be kind hearted to help me out! A cell phone is not a necessity. I did fine without one long enough, I can certainly survive without one now! 

{{{$250 SAVED}}}  Natural Hair Color

It's the whole issue of roots. I think that is what holds many people back from embracing their natural hair color again. That and the four letter that doesn't seem to scare me anymore, gr#y!!! I'm telling you, once I hit Pinterest and saw some beautiful women sporting their gray locks, I can't wait till I have more than just a few strands of gray!! Once I dealt with the whole mess of growing out the roots, I actually fell in love with my natural hair color again, not to mention the money I'm saving by not dying it anymore!

That is a grand total of $1,450 a year, not too hard either! I save money in other ways too by avoiding Walmart as more as possible and making my own laundry soap!

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  1. great tips! I couldn't do w/o cable and my cell :) 1st time visiting your blog - it's always nice to meet fellow homeschoolers!

  2. You are a brave woman!! I could not go without a cell phone!! Cable I could go without, as we have none now. We are "nomads" traveling every 13 weeks so no time to settle in with a cable company. My kids have been fine without it. They watch some movies on the laptop. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great ideas! I could really go without cable, I don't watch much tv

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