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Vinyl Disorder is an online company providing you with Custom Vehicle and Wall Graphics, for an amazing price. For the longest time, I've been wanting custom wall art in my home. So when I received the opportunity to review a product from Vinyl Disorder I was super excited! I hopped on their website and and found that their prices are SUPER REDUCED!! Seriously. If you want a CUSTOM WALL DESIGN. You can receive a custom 6" design for only $2.50!!! Originally priced at $ 24.99 (just add a little more to the cost per inch if you want a larger size).

 The possibilities are endless... 
... baby's nursery
... kid's room gift 
...last name for entry way
... favorite Bible verse

My daughter has a unique name so if I want her to ever have anything with her name on it, it will have to be custom!

You know those "family images" you see on vans and cars these days? Have you ever wondered where you could get one of your own? Well, for only $3.00 (org 12.99), you can choose from all kinds of "family kits." Not just stick figures, but you can choose from footballs, fish, feet, all kinds of options!

I chose to get a custom wall design with our family name to display in our kitchen, (pictured at top of post). Love it! It adds such character and personality to the space! Although, I have to admit, you can get lost on the website looking at all the neat pre-made designs. There are so many cute ideas to choose from, if you're looking for a quote or design to add to your home. Aside from some a variety of quotes, they also have growth charts and calendars. Both would be a neat resource for a homeschool room!

They also have custom bumper stickers, tee-shirts and mailbox lettering. All at amazing prices!

Once you order your vinyl product, they make it and ship it out super fast. Once you receive it, they provide you with easy instructions for application and a small squeegee to help with the application process.

I was highly impressed with my interaction with this company, great customer support and speedy shipping!

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive vinyl products in exchange for this review.

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