Week of Jan 27th Meals

Thrift Schooling

 If you're in a rut maybe some of these ideas from our meals this week can help you out!!! We've cut out our afternoon snack now and noticed that the bigger lunches help keep these homeschoolers full and they are more apt to eat their dinners, go figure! 

Monday 1/28
Lunch: Homemade Beef and Vegetable Soup
Dinner: Crispy Chicken and Veggies

Tuesday 1/29
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs/Oranges
Lunch: Hoagies/Apple Slices
Dinner: Spinach Quiche/Salad

Wednesday 1/30
Breakfast: Yogurt and Granola
Lunch: Cheese Quesadillas/Spinach/ Orange Slices

Thursday 1/31
Breakfast: Eggs and Toast
Lunch:Leftover Chili
Dinner: Sausage and Kale over Noodles

Friday 2/10
Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon
Lunch: Turkey and Ham Hoagies
Dinner: Beef Tacos

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  1. I totally need to sit down and get this done tonight for the month! I love how many veggies you incorporate into your meals. :)

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