Spring Is Coming...Get Ready Now...

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Can you believe it? Less than a month away and SPRING will be upon us! Here are some tips of some quick and easy thing you can do NOW to prepare for Spring so it doesn't catch you off guard...

1- Plant Seeds Indoors In Small Pots
- Buy small trays, or take newspapers and fill with dirt to place directly in the ground, you can even use egg cartons for this.
- Planting seeds early allow you to plant the actual plant, rather than seeds in your outdoor gardens once Spring arrives.

2- Collect Compost For Good Soil
- You may need to invest some money in the Spring for decent topsoil, but to get your garden area ready now, simply find an area on your property or a friend's that has old leaves and rake like crazy! Get several loads and dump in your garden for some FREE compost material!
- Call up some friends with horses or cows. They may let you get some manure for free.

3- Make a Garden Chart and Labels
- Study up on which plants grow well together. Make a chart of your garden areas and figure out, now, where you will be planting. Get creative with your labels. Let the kids paint rocks with the names of each vegetable plant or get creative with those popsicle sticks! 

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