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How do you successfully make money blogging? Still a question I would LOVE to find an answer to. Basically what I've concluded is this: Blogging needs to become a FULL TIME job or an intense second time job! Both of which I do not really have the time for as a homeschooling mom. There is enough on my plate as it is! BUT, with that said, if you enjoy being on social networking sites and being connected with like minded folks online as I do, then it could be an exciting hobby with some perks! Basically, I don't make a whole lot of money, but I do make some and I have received plenty of wonderful products that I have been able to review. I prefer not to say that I get "free stuff" for blogging because honestly, I do spend time reviewing and posting and in my opinion time is money! Therefore, I consider the products pay for my work, as most bloggers do! 

If I had the time to preform all the intense tasks of growing my blog in the areas of Facebook page likes, blog page views, a great Alexa score and Google Page Rank,  then I might be a good candidate to share how to make money for an income, but, I'm not there. 

What I WILL do is give you two links of trusted sites that I personally and currently use to make just a small amount of pocket change on the side. I'm not being paid to promote any of these sites to you, I honestly use and have received payment from these companies.

Beyond Hello Mystery Shopping

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