Beach in A Day

Thrift Schooling

Sometimes you need to just go to the beach. Even if it is five hours away. And only for a day! That is exactly what we did recently. And it was loooong overdue. A family vacation that is. Rather than spending time waiting, and planning, and getting off of work. We took one day, when we had no plans or work, or anything and just drove to the beach. For a day. It was awesome. The kids came back with buckets of seashells, two hermit crabs and a shark egg. My husband and I came back refreshed. I guess it's kind of like the concept of the 20 minute power nap. Even though there are those days you wish you could get a good two hour nap in, sometimes all you need is that perfect power nap and you are good to go! So do it, rather than waiting around for that "perfect" opportunity, just go make something happen and you might be surprised at the results!

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