It's OK, Mom

Thrift Schooling
It's Okay, Mom. 
You're going to make it through. 
The sleepless nights
The puking kids
The baby (and toddler, and preschool) blues.

You feel a mess
but the BEST is yet to come.
When the children are screaming
It's okay to feel undone.

Just steal away, in another room
and take a great deep breath
God gave you this responsibility
He won't leave you feeling helpless!

Pray a prayer
Sing a song
Read a verse or two.
Jesus said He won't leave you comfortless
trust His Word is true!!

We don't live by feelings
or the pains of the day
but the fact that God is real.
He loves you
and created your kids
regardless of the pain that we feel.

Ask for wisdom in speech in the difficult times
you'll be amazed at what you'll say
through the power of the God at work in your heart 
when you trust Him and obey.

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