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My neighbor is the one that started it. Last summer she decided to get some trees cut down in her backyard for some extra cash. She didn't clear cut or anything drastic but the view has certainly changed. Well, after several days of having the kids outside watching the loggers (safely from a distance of course) we began thinking. Now I love having our woods, really I do, it was just those hideous pine trees directly outside my backdoor that annoyed me. So we did it. We hired the same logging company that my neighbor was using to chop down those obnoxious trees, for a small profit too! Then the snowball effect began. Another neighbor decided to jump in on the fun and before you knew what was going on, neighbor after neighbor began getting their trees cut down. The crazy thing is, several of them did indeed clear cut their entire property, making for an entire different view for the rest of us! Now I have to be honest, we didn't make a whole lot of money, but we now have a beautiful view from our back deck and we have been able to use the scrap pieces of wood left behind for certain gardening endeavors we've been wanting to try! Now, with the extra free space, I would love to get my hands on a tree rope or measuring device to help measure height and distance for all of our landscaping needs! 

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