The Power of Learning a Foreign Language

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Back in middle school we could choose to learn a language as one of our electives. The only choices we had to pick from were Spanish and French. Even though Spanish is more popular in our country than French, I chose French. At times it just seemed like just another class for me, not a big deal. Little did I know what the power of learning one, single, foreign language could hold. When you learn a new language, a whole new part of your brain is being used, which makes it easier to learn other languages in the future. The love for traveling developed early on in life for me and had already travelled overseas before I hit the teenage years! In high school, I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of an exchange program in France. Since then, I have traveled and spent time in close to a dozen different countries. Now even though these countries weren't French speaking, some Arabic, Telegu, Dutch and others, I honestly believe that it was easier for me to adapt in these cultures because of my previous foreign language experience. This year we were able to have our children to begin to learn Spanish from a woman in our church originally from Boliva! I hope that by introducing a new language to them at this young age will develop a love and hunger to learn about other cultures as they mature!  So whether you are seeking english learning for kids for another language, I would encourage you to expose your children to a foreign language while they are still developing their little minds to hopefully instill language learning techniques that will stay with them for years to come!

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