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Thrift Schooling
Do you want to be able to save crafty items for your homeschool without being considered for an episode of "hoarders?" You know what I mean. You throw out the toilet paper roll or peanut butter jar KNOWING that you could use that for a craft in the future, you just aren't sure which one quite yet. You are nervous about having a pile of junk lying around so you throw it out. Then, when an activity arises that calls for "simple household items" you do not have them on hand and have to end up buying something! 
Sound familiar?
A quick tip that I use to remedy this situation is super easy. I simply took my kid's old toy organizational system that they weren't using anymore and put it in my pantry.

Then, when I would come across an old jar that I thought would be great for the kids to catch bugs with, or a plastic item that would be great to hold paint, I would organize it in these bins. If they get full, then I quit collecting. But interestingly enough, since the items are there, organized and easily assessable, they do in fact get used! 

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