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Bible Study Guide For All Ages is Bible curriculum that can be used in homes, churches or groups of literally ALL AGES (hence the name). They provide materials for children as young as three years old on up through sixth grade, as well as for teens and adults! I received the following materials to use in our homeschool with my children ages 3-6.

Beginner Student Pages
Beginner Time Line
Children's Song CD Set
Intermediate Student Pages
Bible Book Summary Cards

Two of my children used the beginner level while my six year old used the intermediate level. This program is a Bible Curriculum studying the Bible in 416 lessons over the course of several years! It teaches the students some of the Old Testament and some from the New Testament each year. The first thirty lessons study the lives of  Joseph, Daniel and Jesus. Rather than beginning in Genesis and going straight through, they use this method to give an overview of the Bible and then go back and fill in the gaps! 

They also use a Time Line, which helps to put things in perspective when it comes to chronological order. I personally like this method of studying the Bible. Recently, I received a One-Year Study Bible. You know, the kind that has certain passages in it for each day so,  you can read through the entire Bible in a year. It picks out both an Old Testament Scripture, New Testament, Scripture, a Psalm and a Proverb for each day. I enjoy it and like how this program uses a similar methodology.

The wording in these studies is the NIV version, but there are many times, especially in the intermediate level where the student and/or teacher are encouraged to look up passages. We prefer King James so we were able to do this with no problem!

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The Beginner Time Line is geared toward the 3 through kindergarten age range. There are thirty-four  8.5 x 11 cards with a simple question and color picture to teach your children!

The Bible Book Summary Cards are for the older ages, grades 1 and up. They are a great teaching tool! I would simply hold up the card and read the description on the back. It basically summarize what the child is learning during their lessons. There are 66 cards, one for each book of the Bible so you go over each card for several of the lessons.

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A CD can also be purchased to go along with the lessons! This 2-CD pack includes 90 acapella songs that for me brought back some wonderful memories! Right before I received this CD in the mail I had attended the 90th birthday party of the woman who started our church with her husband years ago. There were testimonies. There were tears, And there were songs. Good, old fashioned Jesus praising songs. One of her daughters got up to speak and encouraged us to get ahold of these songs of old. To sing songs based on scripture and get it in your heart. That statement totally resonated with me. I know personally that when difficulties have come in my life it's those Bible-based songs from my childhood that I would cling to, not necessarily the modern Christian worship songs. That is what I want for my kids. 
When I started listening to this CD I was taken aback at first at the fact that it was acapella. With all of our modern worship so focused on riffs and drum solos it kind of caught me off guard. But when I started hearing songs that I haven't sung in years. Songs I remember singing as a kid in VBS or church camp such as Alleluia and Show Me the Way, I got excited. 

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You can listen to a sample of the Children's Songs here

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for 26 Lessons

Intermediate Student Pages
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Now for the actual lessons! What makes this program so enticing is that you can study the same things with children of different ages. Each lesson is on one page, double-sided. The book comes apart pretty easy so I'm assuming you are meant to take out each page as you work on it rather than in a workbook format. 

Below is pictured the same lessons for both the beginner and intermediate student. The beginner has a lot of simple coloring, circle and drawing. The intermediate has more filling in letters to form words and more in depth study. On the back of the beginner lesson is a coloring page with a practical scenario and activity relating to the lesson. For the intermediate, there is a time line and more questions and Bible reading. 

I was able to get though a lesson in one sitting with the younger ones. It was harder with the older one though, I would need to come back and study more in depth the other side of his paper with the time line since it took more thought and Bible study. Overall i enjoyed having something I could use with all my children at one time and plan to continue to use this program. The quality of the cards are impressive and as stated earlier I love the CDs! The only thing that I wasn't too fond of was the size of the lesson sheets. They were a few inches longer than your average book so when we had to pack up our school materials for a trip up north, it didn't fit well in the bag with my other books. Other than that we enjoyed Bible Study for All Ages!

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