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Why do you have the auto insurance that you do? Is it because it's the same one you've had for years? Your parents had it, and it just seemed like the right thing to do? Well, maybe.You might be getting a great deal. But you might not be! If you're curious, cheap auto insurance might just be a click away! 

I remember when I was thinking of ways to save money, I tried brainstorming about how I could save a little cash each month. So, after looking at what we paid for auto insurance each month I wondered if we could lower it.  I thought about how so many auto insurance companies are always claiming to have the "lowest rates" and of course, I was skeptical. 

When I finally got a quote from a different company, interestingly enough, I came to find out that I was paying a higher price than what I could be! Then, just a few months later we got a quote from a company my husband seemed interested in so we switched companies. Now, we have an awesome rate and have for years! 

A question you may have is why and how can these companies have such significantly lower numbers? Well, think about it. If you want a good, name brand cereal, you pay extra for it. If you don't mind the store brand for a lower cost, then you go for it! It's the same with auto insurance. If you choose some of the companies that are significantly lower, it is true that in some cases, they use parts and materials that are used or don't cost as much as the ones the other companies are using. Personally, I don't mind used clothing from yard sales or used books for my homeschool. I like a good deal. really, it's up to you to choose what you want to pay top dollar for and what you're willing to look past for a good deal!

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