Dear Dad {Review}

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We all have a story. A past. There are pleasant memories, and ones that you pray will be erased from your memory, forever. We all have had people treat us unfairly and unkindly in our lives, and how we choose to deal with that pain, determines how will will treat and react to others in the future. In Dear Dad, did you know I was a Princess? Sundi Jo Graham shares her testimony in light of her healed relationship with her father at the end of his life. This journal-style piece of writing shows her sharing her fears, insecurities and eventual faith in God in the form of letters to her dad. 

The story of Sundi Jo is interesting because her true deliverance and salvation found in God did not happen before she found herself in ministry but after. What a sobering message. Although my experience is different and I didn't fall prey to all the same sins as her, sin is sin. I too, remember when I was highly involved in ministry, yet my heart was far from God, far from desiring righteousness. I helped lead Bible studies to at-risk teenagers. I was a youth leader intern and co-led Bible studies for college students. I volunteered in prison ministries and homeless outreaches. Yet my life was a mess. I was not serving God in my heart, I guess I thought my works could save me and found myself at the point of burnout before truly surrendering to the will of Jesus in my life. 

I share that to say that the situation that Sundi Jo experienced, unfortunately is not unusual. Her personal experiences are unique and her testimony is powerful but the Bible says that there is no temptation has seized you except what is common to man, (1 Corinthians 10:13). There have been many who have fallen who at one point accepted Jesus and there will be many who will fall in the future. The Bible tells warns us of a great falling away to come, (2 Thessalonians 2:3). Dear Dad, did you know I was a princess?  reminds us that we need to work out our own salvation in fear and trembling, (Philippians 2:12).    

After painful experiences in her life such as rape, homosexuality, obesity and alcoholism she was brought to a point of "intervention." Others who cared about her soul brought her to a place where women can receive healing and deliverance in an intense environment for about a year. Could you imagine? Being a Christian and serving God, working a full time job and living on your own in an apartment and then being taken away from
that life for close to a year? Forced to life with other women whom you hardly know who were trying to get their acts together and lives right with God?

Well, there is power in being forced to get in the Word of God each and every day of your life and to apply it to your own heart. To learn to pray and to pray with others. To worship and be in an environment of such. Feel free to check out her new ministry for women, Esther's House of Redemption

My Only Concern

My only concern about this book is if you are recently saved and have experienced a similar past as Sundi Jo, (rape, homosexuality etc). I would advise you that it might be too soon for you to read this book. Because of the details described of her sin in this book, if you tend to be spiritually sensitive, this could stir up some painful emotions for you.  

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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