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For the past few weeks, my five and six year old boys have been learning Spanish, online, through the Homeschool Spanish Academy. They have been taking classes in the Early Language Program geared for ages five through twelve. The Academy also provides instruction up through high school and for adults. 

Recently, I was talking with my husband trying to think of some ways I could make some extra money and the idea of tutoring came up. Then we realized that honestly, I would have no extra time to drive somewhere to tutor someone in their own home. Then I said, "I wonder if anyone ever has tutored over Skype?" Hmmm. Interesting thought. It crossed my mind but hadn't thought about it again. Then, not too long after that I attended a homeschool conference in Richmond, Virginia. If you have ever been to a homeschool convention then you'd agree with me that it is purely information overload. Basically, you get bombarded with vendors trying to sell you their product, (most of which you want to buy. some of which you do!) It's exciting because you get to see what is out there that you may have not ever known about before.

One booth I walked by was interesting. It didn't have any materials set up. It didn't have loads of curriculum set up along tables for you to leaf through. Instead, there were two guys there and a computer. Ok. What is this about? I then saw the logo that it was the Homeschool Spanish Academy. I almost just walked by and ignored them trying to find a free sample of something, or something tangible that I could look at. But, I decided to stop and see what they were about anyway. They begin telling me that they provide Spanish lessons for children via Skype with instructors from South America. Ok, I'm listening. (I guess there is such thing as tutoring via Skype). I informed him that my children were young, only five and six and wasn't sure if they worked with kids that young. Interestingly enough, they do, in their Early Language Program. And not only that, if I sign up both kids for the same lesson then the second child is half price!

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I came home and told my husband about this program, I was pretty excited. My children had taken Spanish the year before at a private school that let homeschoolers sit in, but the drive was far and we decided not to do it again this year. After looking at the price of this program, it would actually be cheaper to have the kids stay home and learn this way. By the time I added up the cost of gas and other expenses, this way really was cheaper! 

What I like about the Homeschool Spanish Academy

~ Your Child Has The Chance To Learn From A Teacher, LIVE From Another Country
I love that this company is utilizing technology in this way. The students are able to learn the language, from a Spanish speaking teacher in their own country. 

~ You Make Up Your Own Schedule
Plan the lessons for once a week, the same day and time every week or switch it up. Purchase your lessons and schedule them all at once or go week by week. If you need to reschedule because something comes up that week,  it's no problem, there is an option to reschedule. 

~ You Pick Your Instructor
Try different ones out or stick with one you really like. We tried two different teachers and really enjoyed one in particular and have stuck with her the rest of the lessons! You can see their pictures and read a bio about them on the site with their interests, teaching experience and education. Then, you check their availability and then pick the times that best fit your schedule. 

How It Works

~ Test your Internet Speed and be sure it matches up to their requirements.

~ Schedule Your First Class

~ Be Ready and At Your Computer at the Scheduled Time. The Teacher will Call You.

~ You will see the Teacher on Skype for a few minutes before they go to "screen share" mode. 

The instructor will not be seen during screen share mode but you will hear them. They will teach your child from these lessons throughout their session.

~ The teacher will interact with the student(s) asking them to repeat, read or share about what they are learning during a 25 minute session.

~ After the lesson is over, the teacher will email you a PDF with homework to complete for the next lesson. 
Some More Thoughts....I don't know what it is about Skype but every time my kids get on it with grandparents, aunts or uncles, they go crazy. They think it is a free for all. Sure, it's fun to talk to grandma, but their hyperness is always increased a billion percent on Skype. This made me nervous. I tried to prepare the kids that this was a time for learning and not for simply chatting with the teacher about everything and anything. Some days it worked, other days I had to take one of the boys out. I hated doing it, but for some reason they would just feed off of each other. One time I had only one child take the class and the other had to sit out. That class went very well. The dynamic of having them together, on Skype, to learn, just didn't work. I think it is just their age because when it was just one, they would do wonderfully for the teacher. It says on the website that you can have two students together in one class, IF they work well together, now I see why! They also will teach students that are five and six years old but recommend starting at age seven. Again, I can see why and agree. The program itself is a wonderful experience and I would use it for one child in a heartbeat. Maybe I would use it for them together again some day, when they are a little older.  I think one of the main problems was when the teacher would go to "screen share," my kids could hear her but not see her anymore. I would have to explain to them that she was still there, teaching them, even though they couldn't see her like in the beginning of the lesson. It was just confusing at times. Although, I must say, she really did keep them engaged most of the time and was quite patient with them. I was impressed with her quality teaching skills!

My boys are currently taking half a semester which currently costs $89.99 for Two-on-One pricing. That equals out to be only $12.86 per class total for both kids! They receive 7 twenty-five minute lessons for this price. 

Click here for a FREE trial lesson!

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