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A study was recently preformed at a local nearby college about the reactions of mothers dependant upon their short-term or long-term memories in relation to their parenting styles. For example, if their child was having a temper tantrum, instead of remembering what worked last time to calm them down, the mother would react in a negative manner, thinking that there must not be any possible solution to remedy the matter. The ones who could calm themselves down, and remember what worked last time, where able to better handle the situation. 

Interesting. How many times do we approach a situation with our children, thinking that there is no possible way to deal with them? If we could just stop, think, and remember what worked last time, we would be a million times better off!

I'm guilty of the "forgetting" for sure, I think I just get caught up in the moment. Thinking that there must be no possible way to change the situation and that I must be doomed with disobedient and disrespectful kids!
Well, no. There is hope for everyone and change is always an option!

As for Monday. When I was on Facebook, I remember I would try not to check it too often on Mondays because it seemed that mothers always hated their kids then, couldn't wait until nap time that day, and were ready to pull their hair out! I just didn't like reading the posts because it was too depressing! As for my own Mondays, I try to remember, it IS Monday, and everything will be better tomorrow. I can't explain why but the behavior of my children is always a billion times better, when it is not Monday. Yes, I have to deal with the Monday blues with them, but at the same time I have to calm down, relax and remember that this too shall pass and not get worked up and make any hasty life decisions!

Be encouraged, if your kids are acting up, relax, just look at the situation and ask yourself what worked last time, if you can't remember, just remember, tomorrow is another day, and God's mercies are new every morning!

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