Homeschooling Essentials: VISION {Part 3} Resources that Match Your Vision

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This question may have an obvious answer. Yes, of course my resources line up with my vision! But sometimes the agenda of the world can creep into our lives without us even knowing it. Which I think is why so many youth that are raised in good, Christian homes end up turning from the faith as soon as they move out on their own. What went wrong?

We all have a vision or reason to why we homeschool. We all have specific morals, attitudes, principles and beliefs about themselves and the world around them that we hope to instill in their little hearts. But we can teach, and teach and teach, to no avail if we allow the little foxes to come in and spoil the vines! The best way to ensure that our vision is made clear is to be aggressive and proactive about what we allow to enter our home and come into the hearts and minds of our children. Then, when we go out and about participating in the activities outside the home, it will be clear and concise as to what is clearly expected!

 Know what the subject matter is in the books that your children are reading! I'm a thrifty mom and  love to buy books by the bundles at yard sales and the like! It's easy to pick out one because of a cute picture or title. 

One time we stopped by a book sale where you could buy them by the box. I let my kids fill up a box of picture books of their choosing. I glanced over and they seemed fine. There are certain standards we uphold that they know of so they knew that certain books weren't allowed. When we got home I was looking through them only to find two of the books weren't picture books at all. Sure, on the outside they looked like it. And they were presented as such. But in reality they were counselor resources for sexually abused children! They were written in a way that a child who had been through such terrible events could undertand. Then the counselor could discuss certain topics with them. NOT something for my children!

Now obviously I don't want to have books like that on my five year old's book shelf but what about the more subtle agendas trying to be pushed? Know this. Children's books have an agenda. Some good and some not so much. Whether the agenda is simply to teach the child to read or to sway them towards becoming a Wiccan later in life in cute way, there IS an agenda. Each word is carefully chosen since they usually can only have 32 pages or so. Words are not just pulled out of the sky but are there for a purpose.

An example of something that goes against my personal vision is as follows. I have had to discard several children's books about Noah's Ark. Not just one, but several. Why? Because they made they point to say, "Noah shut the door of the ark" but the Bible says,  "the Lord shut him in," (Genesis 7:16).

This may seem like a minor discrepancy but it isn't. Part of my vision is to teach my children the inerrancy of the Word of God. That it is historical and not fiction. It really happened and was not a fairy tale. If they are reading a book that deliberately states something that is untrue, then what will they believe when they are older? The power of God or the power of man?

Sometimes it seems as though I've had to get rid of so many kid's books because there is something that goes against our beliefs. But really, are they missing out? If we just let everything come their way, they are more likely to be swept away. If we take action now, we can steer them in the right direction to make the right decisions later in life.

For example, when my children hear the terms, "millions of years ago.." red flags go up immediately in their minds since we are new earth creationists. If we are watching a movie or reading a book and these things come up, they know that we will not be watching or reading those things anymore!

Know what the vision is for your homeschool and stick to it! There are MANY resources out there so if you have to get rid of one, or two, or a million, don't worry, you won't be lacking! 

God will direct you in the right direction according to your own personal convictions!

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