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Sometimes it's easy to stay in the same rut when it comes to paying bills. Like a machine, I simply go online, pay my bills each month, without question. But I will say, that there have been a few times that certain bills, such as my land line/Internet bill would seem a tad high. Sure enough, I would actually take the time out to view my bill on these months only to witness, a third party charge.
I hate that.
Extra phone calls to make, extra hastle. Car insurance can be just as bad. I know that there have been times that we would continue to pay for car insurance, even though we weren't even using that car very often. And I'm supposed to be the thrifty mom around here!
Well, rest assured, we just took a vehicle off recently and sure enough it dropped our insurance down $100 over a six month period.
Go figure. It's the simple things. The little things that can help up save money in the long run! I know that sometimes it's confusing trying to find cheap car insurance because we don't know where to look, but we would never know what we were missing out on if we didn't at least check it out! Maybe we are paying too much, and a better company is out there that could bring our monthly bill down. Money in your pocket!


1- If you sign up for a free trial for an online subscription service, MARK ON YOUR CALENDAR the date the free service ends. Companies love to gain customers this way because it's easy for people to forget to cancel, and you WILL be charged monthly after the free trial!

2- Purchase postage for your packages ONLINE. Certain postal services such as USPS give you a discount when you pay online rather than at the post office. 

3- Skip the DMV. Use their online services. Renewing vehicle registrations and drivers licences are both cheaper when you do it online as opposed to going to the DMV. Who wants to wait in their lines anyways?

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