LEGO® KidsFest Giveaway Winner

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And the winner is..... REBECCA W! 

Congratulations on your win Rebecca!  

Who is counting down the days to the LEGO® KidsFest, in Raleigh? This mom is! Apparently, a bunch of families in my church are planning on heading down from Virginia for the big event, as well. Who wants to wait until the Richmond stop anyway? North Carolina is only hop, skip and a jump from us, and we are going to a LEGO® event, so the  three hour car ride won't be that bad, right? Right. I don't think my kids quite understand what is in store for them, but I will say that I have only heard positive remarks about this event.

LEGO® is a big craze in our house, and I'm sure in many of yours. Imagine being in a place, with like minded folk seeing LEGO® brick creations everywhere you turn. Ok, maybe I'm starting to be a little more excited than the kids are, but hey, I'm a mom, I like seeing my kids engaged and having fun. It's just, LEGO® bricks do just that. They provide an outlet for creativity all while allowing the child to have fun. 

My oldest just had a birthday last week and received some of those gear sets of LEGO® bricks and I would have to say, they have gained some mileage. What I like about them is there are so many different useful ways to use them, encouraging creative minds! Not only did he create some of the models in the book that came with the set, but he made up some of his own creations, that worked! He even mixed up some grape juice for us with a hand mixer he and his dad thought up, pretty clever!

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