The Berenstain Bears Keep The Faith by Mike Berenstain {Book Review}

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Keep The Faith is a Living Lights Berenstain Bear book are written by the late Stan and Jan Berenstain's son, Mike Berenstain. The Berenstain Bears were a wonderful childhood series that I enjoyed as a kid. Many of the stories were written with a moral and encouraged children to do what was right. I remember how the inside cover of each book has a memorable little quote, presenting the theme of the story ahead. I loved saving up my money and buying one of these books at my school's annual book sale and I enjoy sharing the stories with my children.

Well, now the deal is even sweeter. Mike Berenstain not only has taken the torch with this series but has written a Christian series with the same lovable characters such as Brother and Sister bear. 

In Keep The Faith, Brother and Sister Bear are confronted by Ferdy Factual. Ferdy's father is a scientist who does not believe in God. While admiring the night sky one evening, Sister Bear mentions God as the Creator. Ferdy does not believe in God. This causes for confusion in Brother and Sister Bear causing them to go to their parents. 

I love the premise of this book. Sometimes it's hard to teach our kids that not everyone believes the same way we believe. Rather than causing doubt and fear in their little minds, the parents encourage them to have faith. They even go visit Preacher Brown who reminds the children about Daniel in the lions den. I love this application. The children already knew the story about Daniel, the preacher was simply showing them how to apply it in their own personal lives! 

The back cover of the book includes discussion questions that parents can have with their children. The book is geared toward children ages 4-8 and I think this is a great resource for a Creationist as myself! I highly recommend this book for your family!

Disclosure: I received this book from  in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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