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It was one of those weeks. Expect the unexpected when it comes to homeschooling. On Monday, I was feeling a tad under the weather. And today, my youngest came down with something as well. We just all took it easy, but honestly, I enjoy weeks like these. More read alouds, (we are in the second book of the Little House series), more crafts, more relaxed. Aside from the random sick days, the middle of the week was quite entertaining. Here's a few of our highlights:

1) Homeschool Skate: A group of homeschoolers rent out the local roller rink once a month in our area. This was our second time attending and my kids loved hanging out with other homeschoolers their age!

2) Making Valentines: This year my kids are sending valentines all across the country, (and to Australia) to other homeschooling families I'm connected with through the Crew. I was amazed at how diligent those little hands were in making over 20 homemade Valentines for kids they've never met! I did tell them today, when nearing the end, that they will receive their reward when they get to open their Valentine's coming from those same children! I plan on putting up a map and whenever they receive a Valentine they will put a little heart sticker on the city the Valentine came from. The kids are excited.

3) Reading Eggs: Haha. It's the simple things. Reading eggs is offering a free trial, again. I love this program but it sure is pricey! Of all the online programs my children have tried over the years, this is by far their favorite. So when I told them we had access to it, again, for a while, they were thrilled!

4) Date Night: Maybe this doesn't count as a homeschool highlight for most, but to me it does. My husband and I were able to sneak away for a few hours with the help of a wonderful sitter. It's always refreshing.

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