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Spelling You See {Review}


Spelling You See is a spelling program that uses the five developmental stages of spelling. It is geared towards elementary aged students or can be used for remedial work for older students. I reviewed Spelling You See: Wild Tales (Level C). This program is not like your typical spelling program. It does not use word lists. There is no memorizing. And get this, there are absolutely no tests! The child simply writes in an engaging fashion. Their philosophy here is that the repetition of correctly spelling words will result in success. Even though the focus is writing, there are other activities used throughout the week. This includes direct interaction with the teacher, drawing, and color coding special sounds. Even though there are no tests, there is an opportunity at the end of every fifth lesson for the child to see what they know. Rather than taking a "spelling test" where the teacher marks how many words were missed, the teacher instead focuses on the words that were spelled correctly. The teacher dictates the passage that the child has been working on all week and then marks how many words the child spells correctly.

Spelling You See offers five different levels A-E for your child. You can look at their placement guidelines to see which level your child is ready to begin with. Grade levels are not used to determined placement, rather you look at the skills your child already possess and work from there. The five developmental stages of spelling that Spelling You See addresses are:

Stage I: Preliterate
Stage II. Phonetic
Stage III. Skill Development
Stage IV. Word Extension
Stage V. Derivational Constancy
The different levels progress according to these five stages. 
Spelling You See Review

I choose to begin my seven year old with Level C. This level begins by having the child go over familiar nursery rhymes such as Little Boy Blue, This Old Man, and I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Starting in the eighth week, the child begins to go over more complex and informative passages about different animals such as elephants, hummingbirds and crocodiles. 

Spelling You See Review
Instructor's Handbook $14

Spelling You See Review
Student Pack $30


Your child will work on a passage comprised of several sentences over the course of five lessons. In our homeschool we work on one passage per week. You begin each day by reading the passage aloud with your student and then you have the child read and point to the words as they read it. We received both student notebooks, the instructor book and colored pencils for this review. My son loved using the colored pencils to help him remember the letters or chunks that he was working on that week!


The child receives 10 minutes to copy his passage, word for word on Days 1-3. On day one, the child learns a letter pattern and focuses on it throughout the week. Each pattern or group of letters are then marked with a specific color by the child both before and after they write the passage. 


On Day 4, the child has the opportunity to draw their own picture of the story they are learning and to write a sentence in their own words relating to the story. 


On Day 5, the child goes over the passage one final time. Then, the teacher dictates the passage to the child as he write it in full. The teacher is able to help, guide and have the student rewrite any misspelled words. The teacher then counts up the words that were spelled correctly the first time around. 


Spelling has been quite a struggle for my seven year old. He is an excellent reader, excels at math, but spelling is not a strength by any means! I have been looking and searching for the perfect spelling program. I've tried online programs, I've purchased several different types of curriculum but to no avail. Sometimes he may excel on the tests but then in a few short weeks he had forgotten the correct spelling of the words! Spelling, with those programs, were always such a drudgery. He despised learning it and I wasn't fond of teaching it, we would simply try to "get through" the lessons each day. Spelling You See is different. It allows for a relaxed environment and for my son and I, we actually enjoy doing these lessons together. 

My son is a perfectionist. So in the past, when he would score poorly on a spelling test, he would be so down on himself.  After the first week of Spelling You See I could see his countenance light up when he was able to count up the words that he wrote correctly on his own. It was encouraging and uplifting for him. It doesn't mean we don't work on the misspelled words, just in a different light. Before spelling would almost seem to be punishment. If a word was spelled incorrectly, then I would have him write them three times each correctly. Now, the focus is taken away from the mistakes and placed on the achievements! Now after several lessons of this program I can definitely say that his confidence in writing has improved. Before he would be intimidated out of fear of getting a word wrong. Now, during his own free time I see him writing more and not afraid to make mistakes! I do see an improvement with his spelling but he still has a long way to go. I look forward to continuing with this program and seeing where it takes him!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

3 Practical Ways to Help Take Your Thoughts Captive

We've all seen the old movies and TV shows depicting early American towns where the village gossip, a woman, would be chatting with her friends on a bench watching the townsfolk pass by. "Did you hear about Betty? She left ol' Johnny and took the stagecoach down south. Can you believe the nerve of her? That poor fellow, I wouldn't be surprised if that new cook stove of theirs doesn't catch their cabin on fire. And to think he bought that for her last Christmas, do you know how much he spent on that thing, tsk, tsk..." We laugh and often wonder how people like that have so much time on their hands to be worried so much about other folk. Really, are we much better? Even though, we as moms are so busy cooking, cleaning and taking care of our children there are still plenty of opportunities to fall into a similar trap. Play dates, girl's night out and of course the easily accessible social media. We may not tweet or post gossip filled comments on our social media sites but it is easy to read about someone else's life and casually bring it up to our husband when he gets home or to a friend the next time we are "catching up." 

 Many moms, myself included, have struggled with this at one time or another. What we don't realize is, not only is it affecting us but it is affecting our families too. And not in the obvious ways either. Rather the more subtle. It affects our mind. When our minds are negatively affected by these thoughts it can change the whole atmosphere in our home and in our schooling.

Rather than trying to make us all feel guilty for our shortcomings, I'd like to encourage you to nip these thoughts in the bud before they can take root in our lives. I believe that in the long run this will produce a happier more peaceful environment in the home.

3 Practical Ways to Help Take Your Thoughts Captive
1- Do Not Rehearse Former Conversations in Your Mind.
No, seriously. Get over it. What is done is done. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. You said it. It's over. Whether it was a conversation in real life or a comment you left on someone's Facebook status, you said it. It's out there. That was in your heart at the time. It's easy to rehearse, rehash and wish we had never said something. It happens to everyone. We will get nowhere living in guilt and shame over past conversations. We can't change it and we will only waste time thinking out it! Now if you need to make something right by all means do it, but a majority of the time we just need to get over ourselves and move on! Remember, you can't be fully engaged with your child or spouse if your mind is dwelling on these things. Live in the present!
2- Do Not Formulate Future Conversations in Your Head.
The Bible says to think upon things that are true. When we start thinking about what we are going to say to someone the next time we see them and then our mind begins making up scenarios about their possible response we are entering dangerous territory. No matter how predictable this person may be, you do not know what their response will be. Give the situation to the Lord. Trust him to lead and guide you in your words and actions with this person. Again, if you are thinking and dwelling on this, you are not fully present with your kids. You are distracted and distant which can cause distress, not peace in the home.
3- Don't Think Angry Thoughts About Others
This should be a given, right? But how often are we reminded of someone or think about someone and we begin to think about something that they have done or said that rubbed us the wrong way. When this happens we need to be quick to turn our minds to other things rather than dwelling on the person or situation. The person isn't even there, with you at the moment, so don't let them ruin your day!
God wants us to live in perfect peace but if we dwell on other people's shortcomings we are not in sync with God. Then if our child has a need, we are not fully there to respond. We may react in anger, frustration or annoyance but in reality we are reacting to the offence we were just thinking about. You might be surprised how easily this can ensnare us. Try to pinpoint it. Next time you snap at your child take note of what you were thinking about immediately before. Were you upset at your spouse for not fixing the broken pipe in the bathroom? Were you thinking about that comment the store clerk made about your kids not being in school when you went to the store earlier in the day? It's amazing how these thoughts can be taken captive once we realize we are starting to head in that direction. And it's freeing when we begin to make the change for our family's sake!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thrift Schooling Tips

Thrifty Homeschooling Tips

1. Buy Non-Consumable Workbooks: Yes. These do exist. But you have to keep your eye out for them. Most homeschooling workbooks, primarily "boxed" curriculum such as Abeka are for one time use only. They are meant for one child and cannot be copied or used for more than one child. When looking at a book, or downloadable PDF see if it is allowed to be used only for one child or for all the children in one family. If you look at the fine print you will see some companies allow you to print out and/or copy for all children in your own home. It can be a tremendous blessing when homeschooling several children, to not have to continuously buy consumable workbooks, year after year.

2. Check For Used Before Buying New: Recently, when purchasing science materials for my two boys, I visited the website of the company I wanted to buy from and had my materials in the cart, ready to check out. The price of this particular company is low anyways but since I was buying for two students, I decided to look around first. I checked Amazon and Rainbow Resource and Rainbow Resource had the same materials for several dollars cheaper. Glad I checked!

 3. Print Out Printables on DRAFT Setting: Once I learned about "draft" I wasn't so nervous about printing out so many pages for our homeschool. Printer ink is a killer in our homeschool, a money guzzler, that's for sure. When you print out in the "draft" mode on your printer, it uses less ink and makes your cartridge last longer. The colors are a bit faded but for a simple worksheet, it gets the job done! If I want to print out nice bold colors for something to hang up I just go ahead and use up my ink. Draft works best for coloring sheets, crossword puzzles and handwriting pages. 

Do you have any homeschooling money saving tips? I would love to hear about them! Just comment below...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dealing With Reverse Culture Shock

What Exactly is Reverse Culture Shock?
 Reverse Culture Shock is returning home after experiencing another culture and having a difficult time readjusting to everyday life. This is actually quite common for those who have been on an overseas trip, studied abroad or for missionaries. 

Why Does This Happen?
Most people are at least somewhat prepared for the initial culture shock of the country they will be entering. They know that in some way, the culture will be different and a challenge to adjust to. When returning home, it is hard to believe that it will be hard to adjust to life again. Many times, people will return confused and frustrated when close friends and family don't seem to appreciate what they have learned or experienced on their recent venture. 

You Are Not Alone
I for one I have experienced Reverse Culture Shock many times and think that if I had been prepared, that it would have been easier to deal with. Of course, I didn't realize that the feelings I was experiencing were normal or common. At the age of twelve, I felt quite alone after returning from my trip to the Netherlands and Germany. I came home from a month long excursion with my grandmother excited to share with my friends about my trip. I had hand picked cute little trinkets from different gift shops and was looking forward to sharing them with my friends. I'll never forget the feeling of sitting on my front porch with my friend, feeling so alone. While on my trip I missed my friends and was excited to return to them but sitting there with her, seeing her there with my gift in her hand and the blank look on her face, made me feel so confused and alone. 

At the age of twelve, I had only experienced so much. By the time I was older, Reverse Culture Shock would happen on a much greater scale. I spent more than a month in different cultures, one third world, one war torn. Needless to say, I returned from these ventures also confused and frustrated. 

Symptoms of Reverse Culture Shock

Changes in Values or Goals
Negativity toward Your Own Culture
Missing People or Places From Overseas 

Think about these symptoms. They make sense. You come back to affluent America where most girls have over a dozen pairs of shoes in their closet. You just met children without a single pair. Everything inside of you wants to picket the city and collect shoes for the orphans abroad so you can send it to them. A noble goal, yes, but this new found goal can be intimidating to others who may not have experienced what you have. This then can lead to the above feelings such as frustration, confusion, isolation and depression in your own life. The American life can seem so vain and you can begin to look at people in a different light when they don't share the same values that you now hold. 

What I'd like to say is that these feelings are normal and can be channeled in the right direction. You are a changed person and God can and will use that. Compassion for others is often birthed through experiences such as these. My advice? Give it time and be careful not to become bitter at those around you or at your country. Meet up with others who may have experienced something similar as you or try to stay in touch with a few of those who you may have met overseas. And pray. Now that you have been given this new found knowledge about the world we live in, pray about how you can make a difference.  

I wish I would have known about what Reverse Culture Shock was when I had traveled in the past. It wasn't until recently that I realized that much of what I was feeling (over 10 and 15 years ago) was simply Reverse Culture Shock. If I would have known then, that it was normal and common, I know I would have coped much better! If you are experiencing any of the above feelings know that you are not alone. Rather than getting frustrated, you can allow your experiences form you into the person God created you to be.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Purim

Happy Purim Everyone!

 Ok, I'm not Jewish. And no, I don't generally observe Jewish holidays, but Purim is my annual exception. It is my favorite Jewish holiday and is just too much fun. I've decided that we simply must celebrate it in our homeschool. My first encounter with this holiday was actually in Israel. We American Christians were invited to a Purim party at a neighboring synagogue. I had no clue what to expect. Boring readings in Hebrew, maybe? A good cultural experience, I suppose. I reluctantly went. We walked in and the place was packed. There were about a dozen of us and we squeezed in the back row as tightly as we could. Looking around, I realized this was not your normal service. Scattered throughout the room were children and adults alike dressed in costume. Random costumes of all types. Then the service began.  The reading of the book of Esther. From beginning to end. The entire service simply consisted of this reading. Ok, not so simply. Because when the name Haman was read, everyone "booed" and shook loud noisemakers. It kind of threw my off guard at first, but after a while, we all joined in on the fun, booing the name of Haman! Of course at the name of Esther, everyone cheered. It wasn't a long service, but an entertaining and memorable one.

As a Christian, why Celebrate Purim?

The story of Esther is powerful. Not only is this a historical event in Jewish history but a lesson in faith and destiny. Earlier this month I saw Mardi Gras crafts on Pinterest for preschoolers. I would much rather have my preschooler spend the time making costumes and crafts for a Jewish holiday celebrating Esther rather than do "cute" little crafts for a holiday that celebrates sin. What I'm saying is, so often we do fun little cultural crafts to teach history throughout the year, so why not have fun with Purim when it's origins don't conflict with the Christian faith?
Purim in Our Homeschool

We read through a Children's Bible story of Esther. Twice. With finger puppets. That's how we roll. First, during homeschool, my children colored and cut finger puppets out of Esther, Haman and the other characters in the story. Then, when I read the story they used their puppets, cheered and booed and had a blast! In the evening, we made traditional Hamantaschan which are cookies with a fruit filling representing Haman's hat. My children then dressed up as Spiderman, Queen Esther and a football player and waited patiently for dad. When the family was together we read the story again and then enjoyed the cookies. Simple, memorable, and fun!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 {Review} Review

Amazing Science! Volume 1 DVD is a quality DVD filled with hands-on science experiments from This DVD is  geared towards students in grades 1-3 and costs $17.95. Review
When you order Amazing Science! Volume 1 DVD you will receive 2 Discs in one case. You will be able to view 23 different amazing experiments at your own leisure. Each experiment is a separate chapter on the DVD and is easy to access. Jason Gibson of is the instructor for all 23 experiments. Certainly qualified, he holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in both Electrical Engineering and Physics. He also has served as a Space Shuttle flight controller at NASA. 

You can either watch the DVD's and learn from simply watching how the experiments are done or your child can try it out for themselves, which is encouraged. If experimenting for yourself, you will definitely want a notepad handy while watching each experiment so you can write down the supply list. Some experiments require simple household items already on hand. Other materials can be inexpensively purchased at the store or online. Fortunately, I only needed to purchase two items total! We had everything on hand except a can of soda, and dry ice. Apparently you can buy dry ice at the grocery store! Good to know. Although, I have a feeling I am not in the majority here. I am married to a science guy so yes, we do have neodymium magnets, copper pipes and plastic tubing in our house just waiting to be experimented on. But even you don't have these items, they are  fairly inexpensive. And, again, most experiments call for the simple household supplies such as a lemon or dish soap. 

Each experiment begins by Mr. Gibson introducing himself and then introducing the experiment. It's great because he has a way of making each and every experiment seem like it is going to be the coolest thing your child has ever seen. He certainly gets my kids attention by making them feel like they are about to embark on an exciting adventure each and every time they turn on the DVD. No matter how simple or complex the experiment is, he seems to make each one seem fun and enticing! He then provides you with the supply list for that experiment, which usually calls for common household items. Then, he goes on and performs the experiment in a simple, step by step manner that is easy for kids of this age to understand and remember, especially if they perform the same experiment shortly after watching the video. After performing the experiment he may show a variation or something else you can do with your experiment or he may go directly into explaining the science behind what just happened. The explanation is the bulk of each video segment. After actually performing the experiment he will discuss, in simple terms, the basic science behind what he just did.    

How We Used This

One experiment a day was not enough in our house. My kids, like  their dad, are science people. It's never been my strength but I enjoy using resources like this DVD to help keep my children engaged! We did two experiments a day and set aside 45 minutes to an hour a day for science when using this DVD. If the kids were extremely engaged we actually would spend more time than that on some days!   We would first sit and watch the video and then afterwards try it out on our own. My children were definitely engaged during the experiment portion of the video. During the actual instruction my kindergartner and three year old struggled but I made them sit with my second grader and try to focus. I finally would have them lay out a blanket on the floor in front of the TV and have them sit and not get off until the lesson was over. It wasn't too long of a video segment but after a few minutes the younger ones would get antsy. I had to remind them that they too needed to learn the why's behind each experiment. 

 Making a cloud in a bottle was one of their favorite experiments. They were amazed to see it on the DVD, but then to see it work right before their very own eyes was even more exciting!

Even simple experiments such as reversing an image in water can have quite an effect on these little minds. They didn't think something so simple could work and when it did, again, they were amazed!
I don't know what it is about kids and magnetism but it seems to capture their attention every time. The above experiment used a copper tube and a neodymium magnet. This was one of those experiments that my kids could not get enough of!
And of course, the lemon battery. My three year old's mind was blown by this. She was certain this wouldn't work and when it did it really made an impression on her! Last time I took her shopping with me we passed lemons in the fruit aisle and she begged me to buy them. I didn't understand why she was asking for lemons over her beloved bananas until I asked her and she said she wanted to make a lemon battery!

What I loved about these DVD's is I could use them with all three of my children between the ages of 3 and 7 at the same time. There were some more advanced parts of the experiment the older ones could help with but also plenty to do for the three year old also. If I had to make one suggestion I would think that some people would probably benefit from some sort of supply list, either included in the DVD or on their website. But for me, I was fine simply watching the video and gathering the materials afterward. I could see this working well for a family looking for something science related to use with their kids over the summer. It is fun and hands-on and my kids thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Chicken Fingers (Recipe)

Homemade chicken fingers. Yes, it actually is as good as it sounds, and yes, it is easy too! Note that the recipes I post from time to time are not meant to be super healthy or anything. Just frugal! I'd rather spend the time at home preparing a dish like this rather than forking out a pretty penny at a restaurant every time I get a craving for good old-fashioned chicken fingers! I love to have fun with my fryer, once in a while. I certainly don't plug it in every week but when I do, this simple recipe is a big hit! If you have never tried chicken fingers at home, give it a go and you might be surprised at how easy it truly is. And if frying makes you nervous, (as it does me some days) you can use the same recipe and simply bake them instead. I've done that a time or two as well.


2 lbs Chicken Breast Meat
1 cup Half and Half
2 cups Flour
2 Tablespoons Cajun Seasoning 
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Vegetable Oil


1) Preheat Fryer. 
2) Combine flour and Cajun seasoning blend together, set aside.
3) Pour half and half into separate dish and set aside.
4) Trim fat off of chicken and slice into chicken finger size.
5) Sprinkle both sides of each piece lightly with salt and pepper.
6) Dredge each piece in flour, then in the half and half and then in     the flour again.
7) Place several pieces of chicken at a time in preheated fryer for 12-15 minutes.
8) Place on plate with paper towels while you do several batches.

Monday, March 3, 2014

3 Family Fun Activities

Sometimes it's best to power down the laptop and simply spend time with the family. Listed here are three fun ways we've been trying to spend time together recently other than the typical "family movie" that we started gravitating towards.

1) Music: Get out the musical instruments. Whether you know how to play them or not! Kids love to make noise and skill usually isn't a factor for them. Just let loose and have fun. Pick up that guitar that has been hiding in the corner all these years or wipe the dust off of the piano and have some good old fashioned fun!

2) Board Games: The challenge with board games is, when you have young children you have to be right there vigilant and watching at all times. But the catch is, that's why kids usually thrive off of board games, because you ARE there with them. They love the attention, interaction and instruction! We love board games in our house because you don't see one child sitting at a computer screen separated from the rest of the family. Rather, they are involved and spending time with the other members of the family!

3) Kitchen Fun: Cook, bake, and create! Sometimes it is so easy to push the children aside when in the kitchen but so many memories can be made here! Don't be afraid of another mess, it is worth it when the time is spent with your family! 

For birthdays we used to tell the kids they could pick which restaurant they wanted to go to that evening. After a couple years of doing that, it just seemed to be too much. It also didn't seem special anymore, because they simply expected it. This past year we changed things up and they can pick any homemade meal for their birthday. Let me tell you, this is definitely going to become a new favorite tradition! They love creating the menu from the meal dish to the drink and dessert. We've made homemade chicken fingers, fries, and tasty cakes. It seems more special when the whole family has a hand in it!

Goodnight Angels by Melody Carlson (Book Review)

Goodnight Angels, by Melody Carlson is a simple, cute and fun board book for kids! This book is written in a similar fashion to Goodnight Moon,  except it places God at the center. The story focuses on a little boy who is saying goodnight to the world around him. At the end of his day, he prays to God thanking him for his blessings, love and care. It is a great way to teach children that each day, it is good to look back at all that God has given us and done for us and to be thankful. 

This would be a great bedtime story for the child who has a hard time transitioning to bedtime. The story goes through a typical bedtime routine from having to come in from playing outside to taking a bath and brushing teeth. It is a wonderful tool to help children understand that a bedtime routine is normal. This book can help to calm the senses as this particular boy's routine is being read.

Disclaimer: I received this book as apart of the Book Look Blogger Program. All opinions stated are my own.

Pups of the Spirit by Jill Gorey and Nancy Haller (Book Review)

When this adorable hardcover picture book arrived at my front door, I was thrilled! Pups of the Spirit by Jill Gorey and Nancy Haller, (illustrated by Deborah Melmon) is an adorable, quality book geared toward children ages 4-8. I have personally tried to teach preschoolers the fruits of the spirit and let me tell you, it can be overwhelming! I prepared a series of lessons for the preschoolers in our church complete with cute poems, games and hands-on lessons to try to get it into their little hearts. Even in our own homeschool, at one point, we had two baskets on top of the fridge. A "fruit of the spirit" basket and a "works of the flesh" basket. If my kids, (at the time, five and younger) would demonstrate a fruit of the spirit such as kindness, then they would receive a penny in the basket. If they would demonstrate a work of the flesh a penny would go into the other basket. It worked for a while, but became overwhelming on my part after a while trying to keep track! This book certainly simplifies the task at hand. The task being, trying to teach little ones ALL nine fruits of the spirit! In a simple, cute and memorable fashion, the author is able to communicate this lesson in a way little minds can relate to!

The story is written in rhyme to make it easier for little ones to stay engaged and follow along. I love that. It begins by introducing nine pups who have received a special gift of their own from God, the fruits of the spirit.  


The story goes through and describes each pup and how they live out their own special gift. It is cute and memorable. It certainly teaches children what these gifts look like in everyday life. It doesn't simply list the gifts but it actually explains how someone can exhibit each one. And the fact that the "someone" is a puppy makes it all the more relatable to children!

This is an excellent resource for any homeschool with lower elementary aged children or for a Sunday School classroom setting. A neat aspect of this book is that the book sleeve actually doubles as a poster! When you take it off the book, the underside reveals a cute poster displaying each puppy and their gift! What a creative use for a book sleeve! I usually take them off of my picture books since they get ripped and torn so easily, what an excellent idea!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through the Book Look blogger program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

LEGO® KidsFest Raleigh {Review}

 Well, the Raleigh LEGO® KidsFest is currently underway 

and going strong! When my family and I arrived in Raleigh 

(after a two and a half hour car ride), the sign stated that 


sessions had been sold out ahead of time! Not surprising. 

LEGO® sets and everything that goes with them are all the 

rage these days. My kids are fans as well. Even though it is

my oldest who absolutely adores LEGO® anything, my other 

two had an absolute blast! How can you not? When you 

arrive and overlook all that awaits you it is quite 

overwhelming. My oldest son looked at me and expressed 

that it was the best day of his life! He could hardly believe it! 

Life size creations made of LEGO® bricks around every 

corner, games, activites and of course the big brick pile in 

the middle! 

After hanging out in the brick pile, we found some activites to 

join in on. There was one where you would have two minutes 

to create something that began with a certain letter. It was 

cute. They had fun trying to beat the clock and then in the 

end, everyone won a prize! There were so many things 

going on that honestly, even with being there over four 

hours, we never got to it all! 

My boys sat in on a session with a Master Builder who 

taught new and exciting ways to make creations out of the 

bricks. Then they had their hand at making their own 

creations. At the end, they were able to show it to the Master 

Builder, which to them was quite a big deal!

There was another place where the kids were able to make 

creations and then one of the staff would put them in a 

display case for everyone to see. The kids loved that as well! 

My five year old's highlight was when they were able to race 

remote control cars, made of bricks of course! My three year 

old seemed to enjoy LEGO® city the most. She was able to 

make her own little car and play with it around the city! It 

was cute watching her enjoying  herself in a city made of 

LEGO® bricks! 

They all had a blast and even had saved money over the 

past few months to spend at the store. They each bought 

their own set with their own money. It was neat watching 

them being able to buy what they wanted after having tithed 

and put money away in their savings account. Being able to 

save up the extra money seemed like hard work but in the 

end it was worth it for them! And I think it meant more as 


Disclaimer: I received tickets to this event in exchange for promotion. 
All opinions stated are my own.