LEGO® KidsFest Raleigh {Review}

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 Well, the Raleigh LEGO® KidsFest is currently underway 

and going strong! When my family and I arrived in Raleigh 

(after a two and a half hour car ride), the sign stated that 


sessions had been sold out ahead of time! Not surprising. 

LEGO® sets and everything that goes with them are all the 

rage these days. My kids are fans as well. Even though it is

my oldest who absolutely adores LEGO® anything, my other 

two had an absolute blast! How can you not? When you 

arrive and overlook all that awaits you it is quite 

overwhelming. My oldest son looked at me and expressed 

that it was the best day of his life! He could hardly believe it! 

Life size creations made of LEGO® bricks around every 

corner, games, activites and of course the big brick pile in 

the middle! 

After hanging out in the brick pile, we found some activites to 

join in on. There was one where you would have two minutes 

to create something that began with a certain letter. It was 

cute. They had fun trying to beat the clock and then in the 

end, everyone won a prize! There were so many things 

going on that honestly, even with being there over four 

hours, we never got to it all! 

My boys sat in on a session with a Master Builder who 

taught new and exciting ways to make creations out of the 

bricks. Then they had their hand at making their own 

creations. At the end, they were able to show it to the Master 

Builder, which to them was quite a big deal!

There was another place where the kids were able to make 

creations and then one of the staff would put them in a 

display case for everyone to see. The kids loved that as well! 

My five year old's highlight was when they were able to race 

remote control cars, made of bricks of course! My three year 

old seemed to enjoy LEGO® city the most. She was able to 

make her own little car and play with it around the city! It 

was cute watching her enjoying  herself in a city made of 

LEGO® bricks! 

They all had a blast and even had saved money over the 

past few months to spend at the store. They each bought 

their own set with their own money. It was neat watching 

them being able to buy what they wanted after having tithed 

and put money away in their savings account. Being able to 

save up the extra money seemed like hard work but in the 

end it was worth it for them! And I think it meant more as 


Disclaimer: I received tickets to this event in exchange for promotion. 
All opinions stated are my own.

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