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The Brinkman Adventures {Review}

Brinkman Adventures ReviewThe Brinkman Adventures is a Christian audio drama series that is available either on CD or through download. Our family received The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 on CD. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I mean, I wasn't sure what type of response we would have from our children. My husband and I both grew up to books on tape, (okay, I'll admit even books on record). As a child, I enjoyed listening to stories over and over again and they never seemed to get old. My husband and I have talked about instilling the love for books through audio books, the challenge is, content. It's not hard to find audio books for kids but some of them can be outright boring! Especially when it is simply one person reading the story! So if my kids could choose between watching a movie or listening to an audio book, guess which one they are going to pick? 

The Brinkman Adventures aren't books that are being read though, rather, it is a radio drama series based on real events. Of course I was thrilled to find out that there was something like this out there that I could introduce my children to but I haven't even told you the best part yet:

Brinkman Adventures Review
Designed For Family Listening of ALL AGES!
Note: Some Episodes are recommended for Ages 10 and Up
What You Receive:
5 Hours of Audio Entertainment on 4 CDs
Suggested Donation: $25 for CDs
                                          $17 for Download

How awesome is that? If you have ever been on the "mission field"  then you know it becomes a part of who you are and you tend to be drawn to the stories and experiences of those who are in the heat of the battle. Even if you haven't experienced it, the Bible says "like cold waters to a weary soul, is good news from a distant land, (Proverbs 25:25). Hearing these stories of God goodness, provision and faithfulness is refreshing and truly is like cold water to a weary soul! 

Who are the Brinkmans?

Even though the stories themselves are based on true events, the entire storyline themselves are written for radio. Some fictitious characters are thrown in once in a while, and appropriately so. They usually are put there to teach valuable life lessons and Biblical principles. The parents in the series are not the actual parents of the children, but interestingly enough, the kids are actually brothers and sisters in real life, yes, all EIGHT of them! 

Season Two includes twelve episodes just short of a half an hour each that carries the Brinkmans, on an adventure down through Texas into Belize to deliver a bus, and some chickens. Each episode is action packed and exciting enough to hold my children's attention!


Each night, after dinner we would gather in the living room, as a family and get comfortable. The children enjoyed setting out a blanket to relax on while listening to the drama. I guess we were trying to recreate the 1950's experience when families would gather around the radio and listen to the programming of the evening! 

At first it took them a while to get used to the idea because there was nothing for them to "see," but after a while they really got into the stories, the people and the adventure that they would want to listen to more. Some evenings, we would just continue on to a second episode if there were two parts because we couldn't just be left there hanging! So, we would set aside a half and hour after dinner, listen to the episode, discuss it briefly and then look online for the "extras." The extras include the true story that went along with that particular episode! A write up is included on the website for the real stories. Some include pictures and some even include video. My children's favorite was when they could see the characters recording in the studio. There was one line of one of the little ones saying, "Hey Michelle! I saw a moose with two babies." 

Yeah, my kids go around saying that line, all. of. the. time. It's because it's a child. Someone they can relate to. Which is why I think learning about these missionary stories through the lenses of a family with children is so powerful for young ones. Another line that they go around quoting from the series is, "How Big is your God?" This quote comes from a powerful episode that encourages a missionary in his faith. This line stuck with my kids and again, they will go around the house pointing their finger in each others faces saying loudly, "How Big is your God?!

My children are all under the age of ten and we were able to enjoy the episodes with them. There were a few episodes that had a disclaimer in the beginning that some of the elements in the story might be too intense for children under the age of ten and to be sure to have parents listening in. I appreciated this disclaimer. I agree that some of the topics were a bit scary for my younger ones such as child slavery and kidnapping. They had never heard the term kidnapping before so we discussed it with them and it did kind of scare one of them a little, but I think it helped that we were right there with them. I would recommend that if your younger children are sensitive to these types of things to maybe listen to these particular episodes first. 

This is such a unique and quality product and I highly recommend it! This would be great to listen to on long trips in the car or on a rainy  day at home!  Feel free to click on the banner below to see what the rest of crew thought of The Brinkman Adventures!

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Our Fav Online Resources For Homeschooling

1) YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS: Creating playlists to coincide with the subjects we are learning about helps tremendously. We used to simply sit in front of the computer and search for videos on topics that we are learning about but this can get out of hand... and fast. Condensing each topic to a playlist helps prevent unnecessary screen time and honestly, as a parent it is ideal to be able to screen the videos before allowing little eyes to see them! We currently have a playlist with songs teaching the continents, oceans, states and solar system. My kids love it and the repetition helps them to memorize important facts in a fun and engaging manner!

2) ABCYA.COM: If you are looking for a FREE online educational  resource  this site has quality online games for elementary aged children in K- 5. All three of my children enjoy the games appropriate for their age! The games are fun but educational as well!

3) DLTK: I stumbled across this resource site when I taught preschool several years ago. Great for printing out extra worksheets for little ones to keep them busy. Great craft ideas, fingerplays and so much more!

4) PINTEREST: This one is a no-brainer, really. The visual collection of homeschool friendly crafts, recipes, lessons, teaching methods, inspiration and resource ideas are all right there at your fingertips, need I say more?

5) HOMESCHOOLSHARE.COM: We used this site recently to download a FREE maple syrup lapbook . They seem to provide great quality materials that are a perfect fit for our schooling style! 

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CTC Math {Review}

CTC Math Review
CTC Math Review
CTC Math is a complete online math tutor available for every age and grade K-12. I reviewed the 12 month family plan ($118.80 homeschool discount price), and was able to use this on some level with my all of my children. I even signed myself up to try some of the upper level math. My goal is to prepare myself for when I may have to teach it when we get to the higher grades in our homeschool! 


My children love the fact that this is an Australian company. It must be the accent of the instructor that they enjoy so much! Even though this company is based out of Australia, we were able to sign up for the United States version. 


This program is simple with ease of use. When you sign up for the family plan, the parent simply signs in with their login information and sets up an account for each student. I signed my children up by grade level, my second grader in the appropriate grade and my preschooler and kindergartner both in the kindergarten level. 


When you first sign in, you'll see a screen with different options of skills that your child can work on; addition, subtraction, multiplication, measurement, etc. Below, is the addition screen for second grade with ten completed lessons. I had him work on one lesson a day which, in total, took between 10-15 minutes. Once he completed the addition lessons, they were averaged together. In this particular case, he received an average of 97% which equals a gold certificate! 

You have the option of viewing your certificates at anytime on the bottom of the screen or printing them out to display for all to see. If the student struggles with a particular lesson, they have the option of repeating it and completing it a total of three times. This helps them not only to master the subject at hand but to increase their overall topic average. And believe it or not, gold is not what the student is striving for, but rather, platinum, which is a perfect 100%! 

Diagnostic tests, both standard and comprehensive, are available at the top of each skill, shown in silver below. These can be used anytime to check on previous knowledge or progress in the subject matter. 

The lesson begins with a short "Lesson Summary" found on the right hand side of the screen below. Each lesson is roughly 3-5 minutes in length. You never actually "see" the teacher but the teacher screen is shared, as seen below. As the screen is shared, the instructor speaks and teaches the lesson. Below, he is teaching the basics of multiplication using stars. The lessons are presented quickly and simply and make sense for young minds. Once the teaching portion is completed, the student then clicks on the "Questions" portion of the lesson and completes their work from there. 

Below is the kindergarten screen. This is a shot of my kindergartner's work. So far, in this level, most of what he has worked on has been review. But in all honesty, that is what he needs. Unlike his older brother, he is not very fond of math. His brother actually finds enjoyment in learning new math skills. My kindergartner does not share the same passion! Having him review simple skills such as counting past twenty or backwards has been good for him! 

What I enjoy about this program is that sometimes they work on skills that I never would have thought of, or are not covered in our current math curriculum. An example is, "counting in action." He struggled with this at first, but after trying a couple of times he really started getting it. The lesson focused on counting moving objects, which requires patience, sitting still and focusing!

Below is a platinum level certificate that he received which was his pride and joy for sure!

As for my preschooler, even though she was too young in my opinion, she still enjoyed the lessons. The first couple she was able to do on her own. But once it began counting higher than 12 then I would basically do the work for her while teaching her where the correct numbers were on the keyboard to type in! She enjoyed it for a little bit but I don't plan on continuing with her since this really is meant for Kindergarten and up, (and now I know why). 


We will continue using this in our homeschool. It has been a good fit for us since for my second grader, it challenges him and teaches him new skills. And, as mentioned, it is great review for my kindergartner! 

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Have a Reservation!

I love cooking, but when it comes to Easter, we go out! There is this certain restaurant out by Smith Mountain Lake that has become an annual tradition for us, every Easter. The lunch buffet is like no other. Chinese food, American food, make your own omelets, waffles, and a plethora of dessert items, if you have room that is. We have learned over the years that making a reservation is the way to go. 
So we arrive.
 Pass through the crowd.
 Hear the murmuring of the customers, "I've been waiting here over 40 minutes!" 

We give our name and within minutes, are seated. 
Of course this caused an uproar by the ones that have been waiting for so long. 

This scenario made me think.

Making a reservation isn't that hard, it doesn't cost anything, it just takes planning. 

How about our salvation?
 The way has been made, Jesus was the sacrifice, an offering, the atonement for our sins. 

When we die will we stand before the Lord to hear, "I never knew you." Only to reply, "but, I've done this good deed, or that good deed. I attended church faithfully every week and gave my money to the poor!" Only to find out that we never really knew the Lord or had an intimate relationship with him. That everything we thought or knew about God was a facade. Like the person walking into a restaurant, hoping and expecting to enjoy the benefits of the endless buffet as soon as they arrive simply because they want it? 

Or have you made your reservation in heaven? Is your name written in the Lamb's book of life? Have you planned ahead and surrendered to the Creator of it all so when you arrive you are ushered into his presence hearing the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!"
Romans 10:13

JESUS is the NAME!
Acts 4:10-12

Friday, April 18, 2014

Alone Yet Not Alone {Review & Giveaway}

Alone Yet Not Alone by Tracy Leininger Craven is a true story about two young girls and their experience as captives during the French and Indian War. Halfway throughout the book, I noticed that the last name of the girls in the story was same as the maiden name of the author! I quickly leafed through to the "about the author" section only to find out that this historical event indeed happened to relatives of hers. I already was engrossed and thoroughly enjoying the book, but at this point, the events started coming to life knowing that this story was shared by someone personally connected. 
This book is recommended for children ages eight and is full of adventure and faith in God. I have a passion for historical fiction anyways so finding one that kids can appreciate, and from the perspective of a God fearing family is simply golden. My kids are younger than eight so I haven't shared this book with them yet but hope to use this in our homeschool when they are older. This will be a gem to use while studying the French and Indian war in depth. 

 I grew up on the East coast and our family is familiar with the setting that this story occurred. Reading about an area so close to us and picturing life,in detail, during the time of the French and Indian War really brings history for me. As a homeschool mom, it was a wonderful quick read to help put things in perspective as I teach my children about this time period. The setting is in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, deep within America's new frontier. The Leininger family believe and trust in the Lord and are celebrating the harvest in the beginning of this story. Suddenly, the tragedy of the Penn's Creek Massacre occurs.

The lives of this simple, family who trusted in God are changed forever when Barbara and Regina, two young sisters, are carried away by a band of Allegheny warriors. This story focuses on the determination and faith of these girls. They believe that they are never alone, even in their darkest hour, and that they will be reunited again.

This is a powerful read and puts the Christian life in perspective. Anyone reading this is forced to ask themselves, "what would I do in this situation?" Would I have the strength to move on? Could I trust God and to believe that He is there in the midst of complete darkness? After reading this book I felt inspired and challenged. I did leave the story questioning a few things, wondering why some details were left out, but I don't want to spoil the story for you, you'll have to read (or see it!!) for yourself. 

That's right, Alone Yet Not Alone has been made into a movie and will be released in theaters June 13th 2014Reserve your seats to see the movie when it hits the big screen!

One THRIFT SCHOOLING reader has the opportunity to receive an additional copy! 
Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below.

Alone Yet Not Alone
Written by: Tracy Leininger Craven
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Paperback: 148 pages

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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No More Naps

3 "After School" Activities For Homeschoolers

Well, it's official. My children no longer nap. I remember thinking that this would be the most impossible task to handle since having little ones would be so tiring. I must not have realized that once the time came that naps would be eliminated, that they would be more self sufficient and taking care of them wouldn't be so emotionally and physically taxing. Actually, ever since I've only had one napping, I've been waiting for this day with anticipation! Why? So we can actually GO OUT and do things in the afternoons rather than being tied down to a schedule! I must have become so used to always being home because someone was always napping at some point that I never really planned activities in the afternoons much. Now I can! I'm still a homebody of sorts, but try to get out once in a while other than the typical errands. We get the bulk of our work completed in the mornings so the majority of our afternoons are generally free. Here's a short list of a few activities we have enjoyed recently when our school day is done!

 1- Volunteer: Recently we visited the local SPCA and volunteered to walk a dog. Simple and easy with little ones. The kids enjoyed walking around with the dog and the people at the shelter were very appreciative of the help. 

2- Practice New Skills: Bike riding, roller skating, baseball, etc. If there is a skill that you have been wanting to work on with your child use this time to head to the park and practice bike riding or hitting a ball!

3- Local Attractions: Whether it's a local museum or historical landmark, use this time to explore local history. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in our curriculum or Internet searches that we forget to explore our own neighborhood and all it has to offer. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mom, What's For Dinner?

Help! We've been homeschooling on and off all day. The little ones need a bath.  My house needs to be roughly picked up. And... it's almost dinner time, what do I do? Whether you have a meal pre-planned or not, this time a day can be quite stressful when a child pulls on you asking, "Mom, what's for dinner?" So many thoughts are swirling through your head, sometimes you just want to tune them out and focus, think about what needs to be done, in what order and for how long.

Finally, I got over myself  and realized I was fighting a never ending battle. I stopped shoving the kids OUT of the kitchen during this stressful time and actually invited them IN. This made a world of difference. Even if I'm tired and worn out and do not feel like preparing another meal, if a child asks to help, I generally let them. Whether it's simply sitting on the counter watching water and waiting to tell me when it's boiling, or if they are chopping up veggies it's amazing how eager my kids can be to help with dinner. They enjoy being with Mom and being a part of what is going on. 

Simple Ways Your Child Can Help With Dinner

Assemble Pre-Cooked Ingredients into a Casserole
Pour In Liquids From A Measuring Cup
Mix or Stir Batter
Bring Flatware over to the Table
Add Toppings to A Pizza
Oil a Pan

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Restaurant. com {FREE $10 eGift Card}

Find Flavor at your Fingertips with
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Restaurant.com has access to close to 50,000 online dining deals at thousands of restaurants nationwide! The deals are easy to use, don't expire, and are available for immediate use. And, if you change your mind on the restaurant choice, you can exchange anytime, no questions asked. My husband and I did this before and it was quick and easy! 

Once you are ready to use your deal at a participating location, simply present the certificate to your server on your mobile device, and immediately the savings will be deducted from your bill. 

Don't miss out on this exclusive offer! Download the app now at Google Play or the iTunes App Store until Wednesday, April 30, 2014 

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Maple Syrup Making {Spring Break Trip}

On day two of our spring break, my husband calls me on his lunch break. I explain to him about the lapbooks the kids are working on, the books we read and what we had planned for the rest of the day. His response, "Well, I'll let you go enjoy your spring break..." Haha. It's true. Learning is too much fun that it's too hard to escape it during breaks! This year we did things a little differently for our break. We actually had no clue when we were going to take it. 

We were waiting to hear from up north when the maple trees were ready to be tapped, then we were going to surprise the kids with a trip up to visit their grandparents in Wellsboro, PA who have over a hundred taps on their property! Once we received the call I secretly packed bags, did laundry, gathered snow gear and shopped for snacks hoping the kids would be oblivious to all the commotion going on around the house. Before we left I prepped them on the basics of maple syrup making, (teaching myself a thing or two in the process,) by having them make lapbooks. 

Surprisingly enough, this was the first lapbook we have embarked on. I've been meaning to attempt the task but it always seemed like more work for me when they were younger, not wanting to cut everything out. Now that they are older, my boys were able to complete their first lapbooks! And with pride. I was amazed at how into the activities my second grader was. When I would introduce each new mini book or activity, his face would light up with excitement and he would eagerly complete it. He loves to create, art is a strength of his so I do foresee more lapbooks in our near future! As for my youngest, she patiently worked on her coloring skills right alongside the boys. 

After the lapbooks we still did not tell the kids that we were planning to go anywhere for the rest of our break. We secretly packed the car and headed out in the middle of the week, not telling the kids where we are headed. My oldest son said, "It seems like we are going to Grandpas." My husband's response, "Sure does." And left it at that. Haha. And seriously, after almost two hours they finally got antsy and asked, "so, are we on our way home?" After we said nooooo, it's a surprise, they finally realized something was up! After eight hours of driving we arrived at their grandparents which was a fun treat for them! 

The next few days were filled with the educational process of maple syrup making!

Hoses attached to Grandpa's trees collecting the maple sap.

Buckets collecting sap

Where the sugar masters made it happen!

The syrup came in to the sugar shack to be boiled. For hours.
My six year old had a true "a-ha" moment after a few hours that this was not a short process.
When we had talked about "boiling the sap" he envisioned a small pot on the stove for a bit. This put things into perspective! Here he is skimming the dirt from the foam in the evaporator.

The evaporator was fueled with a wood fire that had to be continuously fed throughout the day.

This "sugar snow" put a stop
to the maple syrup making during our visit!

The final product!

After several days of spending time with family, friends, and the sweet smell of boiling liquid,  we were ready to head back home! Even though the season wasn't the best, due to cold weather, the kids were able to see first hand the long yet rewarding process of maple syrup making!

Are you a local reader and want to purchase some syrup? Email me at thriftschooling at gmail dot com or visit our booth at the Spencer Penn Centre's Bar-B-Q Cookoff  April 12, 2014 from 11-4pm. Just look for the blacksmith by the NVAble Items booth! We'd love to see you! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Captivated DVD {Review}

Captivated Movie Review
Media Talk101 presents the Captivated DVD, a film based on Colossians 2:8, "See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception." Finding freedom in a media captive culture is their theme and this theme is portrayed quite well through interviews, testimonies, stories and statistics that will cause many Christians to stop, think and evaluate their current media consumption. Geared towards adults, this movie provides information to empower the parent by expanding their knowledge and awareness of the effects of media in today's society. 
Captivated Movie Review
This documentary's aim is not to have the entire Christian population completely unplug and hide in a cave. Rather, they are raising awareness of the need to be media wise in today's society.

"We are not saying, 'no media,' just use it in responsible and God glorifying ways." ~ Captivated DVD

This DVD is packed with quality interviews from speakers, authors, professors and evangelists including Jeff Myers, Mark Bauerlein, David Murray, Ray Comfort and others. The DVD shares testimonies from people all across the board who have once struggled with media in one way or another. Through their relationship with the Lord they were able to find freedom and beautifully share in the documentary how their relationship with God has been strengthened. From a woman addicted to farmville to a father caught up in the entanglement of Nascar races I personally found the testimonies on the DVD to be the highlight of this documentary.  

It is no mystery that media has completely taken this culture captive. It indeed is captivating. Social media sites are captivating. I remember the first time I was ever introduced to social media. It was MySpace. I came across it somehow, years after everybody had already joined, but before Facebook ever hit the scene. I saw a friend that was on it and I joined. Someone I hadn't spoken to in a few years. It was fun to be in touch again. Then I saw another old friend, and another and another. The first night after that encounter, I went to bed with my mind flooded of what I was going to share on MySpace. 

Immediately I knew something was wrong, something was not right, my mind was consumed with things that weren't even real, important or relevant to my present life. I had a choice. Do I ignore MySpace or continue on? I remember ignoring that "still small voice," and continued on and justified it. What a waste of time. I believe that God warned me from the get go and I completely ignored his warning. I eventually came to my senses and years later after being consumed with Facebook, left Facebook. I would remember that experience the first night I ever encountered social media and finally surrendered. Funny thing is, I don't miss it. I know it sounds crazy as a blogger not to be on Facebook but honestly, I don't need it! Pinterest and Twitter give me more traffic and response than many would think and truthfully the companies I write and do promotional work for respect that. 

Even though we are not a media rich family (or so I thought) after viewing this DVD we felt to go on a one month media break. So, for the month of March we took a break from computer games, TV and other media based entertainment. We didn't completely unplug since I had commitments, contracts and agreements I had to fulfill that included online work, but we did give up media based entertainment for one month.

It's funny, because if you know me personally then you know that my husband and I are quite strict when in comes to media in the first place. So why would we need to take a break from media? We don't own cell phones, we aren't on Facebook, we don't have broadcast TV in our home and when the kids do watch a DVD or something online they are required to ask one of us first. We have set some pretty tight boundaries. But even so, we have a long way to go. This one month break taught us many things and brought us not only closer together as a family but closer to the Lord as well, in a way that only God can do. Before our media break our kids were allowed to watch 2-3 hours of videos a week and 1/2 of computer games a day, (not including online homeschool work). I thought that was a pretty reasonable amount and felt comfortable with that. But now, after our break so many things have changed and come to light. 

We enjoying spending time together and I don't feel the need so much to just throw a movie on so I can get work done. Our time together has become more meaningful and never seems to be enough! Again, it's only something God can do. 

I'm also glad we did this break because it showed me how addicted my three year old was to computer games. Obsessed is more like it. By the third day my boys were fine, probably because they've had boundries and restrictions their whole life. They've gone for a week before without TV so this wasn't new to them. But I realized now that maybe I started out my three year old on media way too early. Even through the last day of the break she would ask for it, even beg for it. 

When it came to the end, I didn't want it to end. But rather we just changed our restrictions and allow even less than before. My boys are fine with it and even when asked said they never missed it. As for my three year old, I defienetly need to keep my eye on her!

Captivated Movie Review
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One Lost Sheep {Book Review}

In this hardcover children's book, One Lost Sheep,  Rhonda Gowler Greene retells Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep. This Classic Bible story is presented with colorful artwork and rhyming text to keep your youngster engaged. 

“Ninety-eight…ninety-nine…” The faithful shepherd realizes that one of his one hundred sheep is missing and sets out to find it.  Of my children ages 3-7 I would definitely say that this is more geared for my three year old. The older ones could probably read it but the playfulness and rhyming seems as though it's speaking more to younger children. It's certainly a fun and cute book that introduces the parable of the lost sheep to even the littlest member of your family. Would be perfect for a baby shower gift, Christmas present, or resource for a Preschool or Sunday School classroom. 
Disclaimer: I received this book as a part of the Book Look blogger program. All opinions are my own.

Coobie Seamless Bra

 I had some extra cash last week and for the first time in what seems to be forever, I went shopping, for myself. The problem was, I came home with super cute clothes for my kids and barely found anything for me! I'm just not used to buying for me I guess. As a homeschool mom, getting out to shop and try on clothes does not happen very often! (It's just easier to pin cute clothes on Pinterest). Sometimes, I want to shop online but I get nervous about order the right size!

Well, if you are in the need for a comfortable new bra, I was just introduced to Coobie Seamless Bras that you can order from the comfort of your own home and sizing isn't an issue. Their bras are a one-size fits all bra that comfortably will fit sizes 32A-36D. The bras are available in over 50 fashion colors and patterns. There is also a full size version that fits up to size 42D. They are comfortable, stylish and affordable.

Great for everyday wear, sleepwear or exercising, this bra would also be perfect for the nursing mother. It's flexibility and durability is just what you need for nursing.  These bras also include a pad pocket for women who may have had a mastectomy, providing soft comfort.

Save 25% on any order of $40 or more at www.shopcoobie.com
Use Promo Code: USFG25