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3 "After School" Activities For Homeschoolers

Well, it's official. My children no longer nap. I remember thinking that this would be the most impossible task to handle since having little ones would be so tiring. I must not have realized that once the time came that naps would be eliminated, that they would be more self sufficient and taking care of them wouldn't be so emotionally and physically taxing. Actually, ever since I've only had one napping, I've been waiting for this day with anticipation! Why? So we can actually GO OUT and do things in the afternoons rather than being tied down to a schedule! I must have become so used to always being home because someone was always napping at some point that I never really planned activities in the afternoons much. Now I can! I'm still a homebody of sorts, but try to get out once in a while other than the typical errands. We get the bulk of our work completed in the mornings so the majority of our afternoons are generally free. Here's a short list of a few activities we have enjoyed recently when our school day is done!

 1- Volunteer: Recently we visited the local SPCA and volunteered to walk a dog. Simple and easy with little ones. The kids enjoyed walking around with the dog and the people at the shelter were very appreciative of the help. 

2- Practice New Skills: Bike riding, roller skating, baseball, etc. If there is a skill that you have been wanting to work on with your child use this time to head to the park and practice bike riding or hitting a ball!

3- Local Attractions: Whether it's a local museum or historical landmark, use this time to explore local history. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in our curriculum or Internet searches that we forget to explore our own neighborhood and all it has to offer. 

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