5 Easy Dinners For A Busy Mom

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Dinner. Again? It doesn't have to be as stressful as it sounds. If you're anything like me though, when you think of dinner, you think of a nice well thought-out prepared meal. Well, let's get real. We aren't going to bust out the china every single night and every meal does not have to be crazy extravagant! We all know that you can cook up that special dish your friends and family rave about but honestly, you don't need to prove your Betty Crockerness at every meal. Trust me, I fell into this trap thinking that I needed to do this, why? No clue, but I'm over it now and will definitely take a short cut now and then!

5 Easy Dinners

Leftover Chicken Casserole
Grilled Ham and Cheese
 Chili and Rice
Spaghetti and Angel Hair Pasta 
 Hot Dogs and Sauerkraut

There is no shame in simplicity. Take a break once in a while, it's okay!

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