Where is Thumbkin?

Thrift Schooling
If you are anything like me in your homeschool, then when you first began you were ready to go with your first child. You pulled out all the stops. Basically, you taught them everything you know. In like, one month. Then you hit the library and Internet and searched for more and then you realize, "hey I know more than what I thought," and keep on going. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I seriously sang every song I could remember from my childhood, at least to my first kid I did. One of which was "Where is Thumbkin." A classic. Hey, it's important that our kids know what their fingers are called, right? Well, I taught this to my first two and didn't really focus so much on my youngest with the song. I mean, it's just a silly song. Bad idea. Because now when she "points" she uses her middle finger. Seriously. I say, "use your POINTER finger please," and realize I need to go over the song with her. Of course it's natural to use your middle finger, it makes sense because it's the longest, right? 

Moral of the story:

Teach your child "Where is Thumbkin," and you'll save yourself much public embarrassment with your child! 

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  1. We went around saying "How big is your God" too!! Very encouraging stories.

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