Advice to New Parents

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Entering the new world of parenting can provide opportunities for both excitement and wonderment. We count down the days and look forward to our precious arrival. We search through baby names, seek out the perfect clothes and get a space in our homes ready for baby. We find joy in thinking about holding a new life in our arms. Then, we have to figure out how to actually get from Point A to Point B. We may have to face some difficulties that have come our way. Whether it's morning sickness, mood swings or sleepless nights, we have to remind ourselves that this is not the end. There is something great that will come of this! “For I the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying unto thee. Fear not, I will help thee,” (Psalm 41:13). God is with us in these times and we don't need to fear. He will help us through each day, no matter how long the days may seem at times. What has been the most difficult part of this pregnancy for each of you? How have you seen the Lord's hand working in your lives in this pregnancy thus far? Are there currently any fears about the pregnancy or birth that you would like the Lord to help you overcome? Pray together, asking the Lord to calm any fears that may have arisen. Ask Him to strengthen you, as a couple when difficulties arise, drawing you closer together as a couple and closer in your relationship with God.

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