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 No, you are not in the wrong place! This is still Heather and this is still Thrift Schooling! I just have a new and improved look thanks to Traci Michele Designs. (Hope you like it as much as I do.) If you want to know how you can receive an affordable (or FREE) custom design for your blog, keep reading!

When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. Full of enthusiasm, I signed up for my free blogger blog, picked a pre-made blogger template and was on my way. Or so I thought. 
Aside from my lack of creativity with the design of my blog, I had no clue what I was doing in terms of what to post. "Reviews are popular among mom blogs," I think to myself. I had recently purchased a new pair of glasses from an online site so I said, "hey, I'll do a review of them and post it on my blog!" True story. Here's the sad, unedited photo I used on one of my first posts. 


What was I thinking?!!
I'm not even going to show you my first "header" I attempted!

I certainly have come a long way. I can certainly take better pictures (or at least edit them semi-decently,) and I've learned a little bit about what constitutes a quality post and a quality review. I also know now that if I want people to STAY on my site when they are visiting for reviews, then I need my blog to feel inviting! 

Recently, I was truly honest with myself. I took a step back, looked at my blog and asked myself, "If I were visiting this blog for a review or giveaway, would I be compelled to stay and look around awhile?"

Unfortunately, the answer was a big, fat, no! 
What an eye-opener.

I realized at that point that even though I had piles of good content on this blog, (recipes, curriculum reviews and homeschool encouragement,) nobody could find it! There wasn't really an invitation for readers to stick around and see what I had to offer.
Even though I receive plenty of daily hits through Google searches, I absolutely needed to make this blog more appealing at first glance so those who stop by will hopefully turn into regular visitors!

So, now what?

Clearly, I needed a blog makeover. I began looking into prices and my jaw hit the floor. I couldn't find anything under $300. And that is on the extremely low end. A complete custom blog design can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand!

At that point I almost considered the $300 design but decided to wait. Of course the whole time knowing that I needed to offer my readers something better!

Then I stumbled across a website, Traci Michele Designs: Affordable Blog Designs. And let me tell you, she really is affordable! She only charges $50 to get started and $50 when the job is done. That's it. An amazing deal.

Traci will then work on your header using any colors or images you request. You can send her a pic of your family, a basket of eggs or a flying fish, whatever. And if you don't have a picture of what you are envisioning, she can find it for you! Seriously. I mentioned in an email that I thought it would be cool to have an image of a magnifying glass with a butterfly. Now, look at my header. I'm just saying. This girl delivers. 

I adore this header. It wasn't a long, drawn out process to get it made because as soon as I saw it, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. The fonts, colors, images, everything just came together and I'm extremely pleased with her work!

After the header, you'll work on your Pages, mine are the blue labels on the top of the page. In my previous design, the pages were so obscure and hard to read. Now, I adore the bold blue color, placed directly below the header.

Then she will coordinate the rest of the goodies to match. For my blog, the features were:

Meet {Insert Name}
 This is where you can have your image, logo, or write up from your About Page. 

Social Media Icons
Love this feature. I've tried adding these buttons myself in the past but had no clue what I was doing. I'll just leave it to the professionals for now!

 Grab a Button

Background Design
You'll receive a matching background that fits with your header

Other Labels
Other labels that you currently have on your blog can be made to match. 

In less than a week, this design was complete and LIVE on the blog for my readers (and random visitors) to enjoy. I was very impressed with Traci's quality of work, comittment to getting it done, comunication and skill! I highly recommend Traci for anyone on Blogger looking for a custom design. Check out some of the creative headers she has created for other customers:

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  1. I like Coffee and the Word, and Cheap and Choosy. None of them screams "boys!" to me though...

  2. I think the row of images looks nice and crisp. Your header is definitely my favorite part. You should include a screen shot of the old blog. :)

  3. I like several, but I think Capturing Life stood out to me because of the font and tagline. Love your design! So fresh!

  4. It is also clean looking and has a good balance of color. :) (Love the pics too!)

  5. I like Coffee and the Word - and Abiding Love, Abounding Grace. That one really caught my eye because of the font.

  6. I like the color combination on your blog, and how the sidebar is very clean and open-looking, but the titles are still easy to spot.

  7. I like her blog header with the bees. So adorable.

    I also love the pictures in yours!

  8. I love Traci's own header, because I have a similar tree on my own blog! I also like The Wise Homeschooler and Moms Helping Others. I love the pictures in those - particularly the strip on MHO.

  9. I love the pictures in your header too! I like that you have several but they don't take up everything.

  10. I LOVE all of them!!! But I guess I would have to say my favorite is The Cheap & Choosy.

  11. I love your clean title and the color palette. With the labels and all matching, your site just flows.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I like "Ladie of Virtue" so much, it's very elegant and chich.
    What I like about YOUR blog design is that everything is well-ordered.

  14. I love this

  15. What do you like most about my blog design?"
    i like most about your blog design is your creativity in making and doing it. You have this extraordinary talent in attracting people's attention and absolutely, Im one of them. Thanks for being an inspiration. God bless and more power :)

  16. I like the coffee and the word design though they all look great!

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