2013-2014 Field Trip Review

Thrift Schooling

Wow! Looking back I can't believe how many field trips we took this past year, but hey, it's all a part of this homeschooling thing, right? The year prior I had taken the kids on field trips during the work week with other moms and my children's friends. This year, we tried to have more family focused field trips and I found the experiences to be so much richer! From Northern Virginia, to DC, all the way to Pennsylvania, our school year was full! Maybe this next year we will focus on local venues, or, maybe not!!

An uphill battle. Worth every step, but unless you know the shuttle schedule and plan accordingly, it is quite the hike. The kids loved the lions, monkeys, snakes and the prairie dog play area in the middle of the park!

Politics isn't reserved for high school in this school. We start them out young!

An inspirational experience, that was needed on so many levels.

Who says you can't make visiting family an educational field trip opportunity?

My favorite experience of the year, by far. Planning on returning in the near future!

If you have any field trip suggestions within a day's drive from Southwestern Virginia, clue us in, we just might go for it!

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