Coobie Seamless Bra {Review}

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I have an issue with bra straps. I don't know about you, but I feel like they are constantly falling down my shoulder. I'm always trying to fix them. Sometimes I'll see photos of myself and say, "Hey! Why didn't someone tell me my crazy strap was showing, geesh!" So, recently, I finally found a bra that doesn't pose this problem! Coobie Seemless Bras stay snug and fit no matter how active I may be! 

The scoop neck pictured above is extremely comfortable! I received two of them and was extremely impressed with both the quality and the comfort. A wide array of colors and designs are available including tie dye, jade, hot pink or deep teal. 

~ What I Loved About This Product ~

The Comfort: This product is extremely comfortable, you can barely tell it is there. It is a one size fits all deal or you can order a full size for only a couple dollars more. 

Washing Machine Friendly: I've had this product for several months now and have had no problem just tossing them in the wash with the rest of my laundry! Easy! No wires, no issues with the shape getting messed, no problems!

Variety of Uses: For one, it can be used as a sports bra. It also can be worn discreetly under a swim suit for added comfort. Also, it can be used as a camisole for those shirts that run, well, a little low. Instead of finding a tank top or cami, a solid color black or ivory Coobie Seamless could be worn under your shirt to provide extra covering in a way that no one could tell it was a bra!

The Price: Easily affordable at only $20. A surprisingly low price for such a durable bra.

I would encourage you to check out the Coobie Store or request a catalog! Both are filled with not only bras but legwear, pants, wraps and more. 

Disclaimer: I received (2) Coobie Seamless Products for the purpose of this review through the US Family Guide Blogger Program. All opinions stated are my own. 

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