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It's not as good as it sounds. So, when we first heard about the fact that you can receive $2 for every used ink cartridge you bring in we were thrilled! We have piles of old ink cartridges and basically thought that we could recycle them to receive some store credit.


That's how it is pitched, but you have to read the fine print. First of all, you can only cash in 10 cartridges a month. (yeah, we had a lot more than that.... long story). So, we arrive at the store, were told we could only cash in 10 for that month, which we did. 

Then... once you bring in the 10, you have to wait a whole month for your Max Perks card to be credited. 

THEN.....the only way to redeem the store credit is to print out your rewards from online and bring it into the store with you. Which is fine and dandy, but when we went to print it out (a month later), we noticed that the credit is "locked" until you spend money at the store on an unrelated purchase! Soooo the more you spend, the more your store credit is "released." 

In all my bargain shopping days I have never seen so many hoops to jump through, just for a deal. It's worse than a rebate! So, that's my rant of the day. Stay away from the Max Perks cartridge return, it's not worth it!

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