Family Camping {Blue Bend, WV}

Thrift Schooling
West Virginia is only a hop, skip and a jump away, yet our family had not yet ventured over the border to see what camping experiences it had to offer! (Though we had heard the rumors.) The familiarity of routine had set in, and even though we thrive off of camping trips, the extent of our camping had been limited to our backyard (or if we REALLY wanted to 'get away' we might head to the campground a few miles down the road!) So, when our friends suggested that we load up our van full of a weeks worth of necessities and head over with them to their favorite WV camping spot, Blue Bend, we jumped at the chance! I guess we just needed a little motivation. Certainly an experience to write home about and totally satisfied this homeschool mom's dream school-cation.

 Wading in the creek for hours.

Letting the kids (young AND old) catch and cook crawdads for lunch!

Scenic rides through the mountains.

 Finding out from the locals fun landmarks such as this cool covered bridge!

 Fishing, swimming, campfires, rain, lightening, threat of tornadoes (never mind). All and all, it was a relaxing and entertaining (and of course educational) week with family and friends!

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  1. Heather, thank you for sharing your beautiful trip! I had no idea that WV was so gorgeous!

    And, I have never seen such ENORMOUS crawfish. They don't apparently grow them so big further south!

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