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Sigh. A week ago I shared a post of all the upcoming goodies I was planning on blogging about this week. Um, I think only two of them were actually fulfilled. Sorry. Even though it was a great and quite fulfilling week, it was extremely busy. Let's just say that last night, once my kids were all in bed, I followed shortly after, I was 
ex. haust. ed!!

To help me stay on task and actually provide you with a semi-interesting post aside from reviews and giveaways, (which are fun in their own right!) I have decided to join up with the The Homeschool Mother's Journey, at least for this week anyways! (I don't want to make anymore promises!!) This way you can see a small glimpse into our week and if you click the link above, you can see what other homeschoolers have enjoyed (or battled!) throughout the week as well!


I canned veggies from our garden. For the first time! Yup. On our way to self-sufficient living. Let me tell you that it is a process. Our goal certainly is to grow enough food on our property to last us throughout the year without having to go to the store. Yes, we have a looooong ways to go. But tilling and preparing the ground in this crazy Virginia red clay has been painstaking! But finally, after getting the soil ready for the past few years we finally had an abundance this year, and a little left over to actually bust out our pressure canner. Tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and yellow summer squash to be exact. Not a whole lot, but enough to at least get the basics down! And there is still plenty growing out there, so this is just the beginning!

We officially started school this week! This will be my first year officially teaching all three of them. Yikes. This homeschool thing sure is a lot of work. Worth it, but a lot of work. The kids were excited about starting a new "grade" but then when they saw the work expected of them for this new year their spirits deflated a bit. The attitudes started. And the classic, "why does the pre-schooler get to play while I'm doing all this work!" Sigh. Overall, the week went well, we all survived and I can see what I think is working and what I need to tweak. 

Overall the kids adjusted well to the new routine. So one day I let them rent the Lego movie as a treat. They were surprised, and so was I. Simply because I actually watched it this time and saw some things I didn't really like. Hmmm. Why am I so picky when it comes to what I let my kids watch?

I love weddings! And this week I'm attending a wedding of a friend's daughter. Yeah. That's showing my age. My first wedding where it's not a peer but the child  of a peer! Wow, I'm getting old!

You know, I LOVE comments! 
I'd love to hear about your  week in the comments below!

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  1. I love that you're canning! I can't do that, let alone grow a garden (we're in the process of remodeling our our backyard.) Whenever I get to that point I know who'll I'll be asking for tips.

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