Preschoolers and Peace {Review}

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Preschoolers and Peace Review
Stressed out? Unsure if you can homeschool older ones with preschoolers in the house? Kendra Fletcher from the blog Preschoolers and Peace has written an e-book called Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling Older Kids with Success While Loving the Little Ones at Your Feet to encourage homeschooling mothers from all walks of life that they CAN do it! 
Don't you just love the picture on the cover of the book? The crying toddler on the right? Yes. That is life my friend, and this book encourages you that even with the demands of preschoolers, you can find structure and stability in your homeschool! Written by a homeschool parent FOR homeschool parents!

Preschoolers and Peace Review
This e-book is a quick read, just under fifty pages. If you need a quick pick-me-up that also provides practical information and suggestions then this book is for you! The author is not a novice but has eight children ages twenty down to five. She encourages by sharing lessons learned, experiences and with Scripture!

Some topics covered in this book:

~ Planning Around Preschoolers

~ Preschool Chores

~ How do I Keep Them Busy?

~ Preschool Boys

~ Meal Planning 101
It's funny, on the first day that I officially started my daughter in homeschool preschool I was first introduced to this book. I was kind of stressed and wondering how in the world the rest of the year was going to work! My daughter is a bundle of energy who is eager to learn. So I was really excited to read this book and get some advice!
Unfortunetly, I had misinterpreted the definition of preschooler. You see, prior to kids, I taught preschool and the age range for the actual preschool class was four through five. The three year olds weren't really considered preschoolers and were in a class of their own. So in my mind, when I think of preschooler, I think of that age range. Even though that IS one definition of the word, the other definition, which is the one the author was most likely referring to was, "a child who is old enough to talk and walk but not old enough to go to school." Hence, the pre

This book is a gem and I imagine to be coveted by many moms with little ones. After reading it, I realize that it is geared more towards moms with toddlers and even though that isn't a stage in life I am in presently, I know that the information provided in this book will be a powerful encouragement to many moms with toddlers or who are expecting. I can't tell you how many moms I talk to you are just plain nervous about having another baby because they don't know how it will fit into to their homeschool routine! I always think about how I know that there are many moms who do it, all the time, and know there is a book to take a glimpse into the lives of one of those moms!

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  1. Thanks for the review, Heather! Have a great homeschool year with your kiddos :)

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