Moses Leads the People {Review}

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From the creators of The Adventure Bible, now comes an easy reader about Moses! This easy, I CAN READ Reader is a level 2 reader designed for developing readers. Moses Leads the People begins with Moses' experience with God at the burning bush. This moment reminded me that our God is an experiential God. A personal God. God met with Moses and gave him a mission. A mission that seemed impossible and unlikely but possible with God. When Moses was alone with God, He received encouragement, instruction and a glimpse into the will of God for God's people. The story then progresses into Moses' experience with Pharoah, the plagues and the crossing of the Red Sea. 

This book came at a very timely manner to our homeschool since our pastor just preached on the crossing of the Red Sea this past Sunday! The story was still fresh in my children's little minds and they were able to enjoy this book in light of what they had just learned this past week! I love to have resources to use in our homeschool that are both based on Scripture and educational! This reader is perfect! My seven year old was able to read this book with ease and confidence. It wasn't too short like many readers but long enough to make him feel like he accomplished something when he finished the last page! The younger ones enjoyed listening to the story and will be able to read it soon enough. 

The pictures, by David Miles, depicted the story well. The story of the plagues can be gruesome if you really think about it, but these images were done in tact and appropriately to get the message across that God punished the Egyptians but spared the Israelites! My middle son loves the story of God's protection!

Disclaimer: A big thank you to the Book Look bloggers program for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions stated are my own.

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