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New Liberty Videos Review

Recently, our family has been introduced to an exciting new resource, New Liberty Videos. My husband and I were able to review one of their DVD's,  Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This three-part DVD talks about not only the Dead Sea Scrolls but Hebrew Word Pictures and how the Word of God survived the Dark Ages as the Forbidden Book

New Liberty Videos Review


If you have ever met anyone who has to traveled to Israel, most likely they have a soft spot in their heart for that place. When you walk throughout the Old City within the walls of Jerusalem, there is a tee-shirt tourists can buy that says, "I left my heart in Israel." Funny and cute, yes, but usually true. For many Westerners, a part of you stays there, and hopes to someday go back. No, I'm not Jewish but yes I am a Christian. Much of my religious heritage lies in that small piece of land the size of only the state of New Jersey! So, when I received the opportunity to review this DVD, I was immediately brought back to the famous caves of Qumran, the eerie hill of Masada and the ever so salty Dead Sea! A piece of my heart was left there fourteen years ago when I studied a semester at Jerusalem University College, and I hope someday to return and share the same adventures with my family! Until then, I can at least use this video that teaches much of what is taught on several of the tours with my family.

This video begins with Dr. Joel Lampe discussing the Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls. These scrolls were found in the caves of Qumran near the Dead Sea in the 1940's. Pieces of these scrolls date to Biblical times and are found on display primarily in the Shrine of the Book Museum in Jerusalem, Israel. I appreciated watching Dr. Lampe sharing about the finds of these scrolls because even though I personally have seen the Dead Sea Scrolls there is a lot of information that I have forgotten over the years! And, since I was young at the time, there was a lot that I didn't appreciate when I saw them. 

The second section talks about Hebrew Word Pictures. I too, appreciated this lecture as well. It makes Hebrew seem more inviting than intimidating! Honestly, I have a love for languages but Hebrew makes me nervous since it is read from right to left and my brain just isn't used to that! Then, the symbols always seemed so difficult to understand. Fortunately, in this video, Dr. Frank Seekins presents Hebrew in a way that is easy and approachable. Many Christians, myself included, would love to be able to study and learn the original Hebrew when reading the Bible. Learning about Hebrew Word pictures is definitely something I am now interested in!

The final section, The Forbidden Book, is Dr. Craig Lampe sharing from his wealth of knowledge about the Bible and how it withstood the trails and perils of the historic Dark Ages. He shares about the perseverance of men such as Martin Luther and John Wycliff. I enjoyed his love for history and you could tell he enjoyed teaching on this subject!

These teaching sessions are recorded in a classroom setting and are now available on DVD so you can enjoy them at home with your family. My husband and I enjoyed these videos and when our children are a bit older I know they could gain much from watching these themselves! There were several different videos that other Crew members viewed from this company, click the banner below and read about their experiences!

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