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Enjoying the Fall Foliage from my back deck!

This week has been jammed packed with fall activities since the beautiful fall colors are presently at their peak! We started the week by raking leaves with a group of homeschoolers in the area. 

The kids had the time of their lives piling the leaves high, making forts, jumping in, driving through them with golf carts and using their imagination in the great outdoors. That was Monday. Every single day after that, I simply refused to stay indoors and made piles of excuses as to why we had to be outside! From picking leaves and identifying them to finding Lion's Mane mushrooms in the woods, we were outdoors a majority of the week! I adore this season!

The kids do too, but of course they are not ignorant of what season is coming up! They know that Christmas is on the way since we keep talking about visiting relatives that they haven't seen in for.ev.er. (They are super excited!) And, when thinking about Christmas, I need to start thinking about what to get for gifts! But, I've been holding off until now and might just push it, a little bit longer if I can get away with it. 

Last year, when adding items to my wish list on Amazon I tried desperately to find these super cute Lilla Rose Flexi Clips that are all the rage these days. What I love about these is they not just for kids! Sure, there are kid sizes but they make them for mom's hair too! 

Aren't they adorable! I couldn't find them at the time, but, almost a year later, I have one! Isn't it fun? I will be sharing a review in a few weeks! If you want to treat yourself as well you can order one, here!

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