Valentia Even Glow {Review}

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I'm excited to share with you a brand new antioxidant treatment called Valentia Even Glow Serum. Created to repair, refresh and renew, this product truly delivers! Filled with 98% natural, organic ingredients this serum is sure to replace those chemical filled lotions and creams that are filled with harmful ingredients. 

The organic rosehip seed oil and organic sea buckhorn oil work together to increase skin hydration. 

Honestly, I struggle with dry skin, especially during these present dry months. I don't wear makeup but I do use creams to keep by face from getting too dry. I'm excited to now have found a product with ingredients that I can feel good about putting on my skin. Because, as you know, what goes on your skin also seeps through your pores. Another reason to be careful what you rub on your skin.

Another benefit to this serum is it's rich and luxurious smell! Twenty percent of this product has vitamin C which causes an amazing citrus-y scent as you apply it to your face! As you can see pictured above, the serum comes in a bottle with a dropper, similar to when purchasing essential oils. The bottle I received  was 35 ML
and only requires a few drops per application. I use it after I wash my face when getting ready in the morning. The fresh scent wakes me up and keeps me energised! I defenitly noticed a difference after a few days. At first I still had to apply a mosturizer to keep my skin from drying out but now I've noticed less problems in that area!

Another amazing result I had from this serum was that a small scar on my face has diminished! Since I was in first grade I've had a small scar on my face from my bout with chicken pox. Since using this serum, I don't even see it anymore! I was shocked. It didn't just shrink, it appears to be gone. Needless to say, especially because I don't wear cover up, this has been a great blessing! I highly recommend using this in your daily routine to help with skin care and to help enhance your natural beauty. This Vitamin C Serum is presently sold on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Valentia and US Family Guide for providing this product for the purpose of this review. 
All opinions stated here are my own.


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