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Thrift Schooling
Do you ever just look at your homeschooling situation with little ones and want to throw in the towel? You don't have to answer that one. The demanding task of homeschooling little ones can be emotional, trying and frustrating. Yet, we still continue. Why? Well, for one, we have a goal. A vision. A desire to see our little ones succeed in life. What better way to encourage yourself during these challenging years but to look at the success of homeschooled students in the upper grades? The ones who have almost reached the finish line and will soon be ready to enter their destiny armed for battle with the Word of God strong in their hearts and the purposes of God ready to be revealed. I joined a homeschool group this year and finally, this week I went to one of the events. Even though I didn't really know anyone yet, I ventured out to International Night! What a blast. Everyone brought a dish to pass and shared on a country they had studied during the year. It was so encouraging to see young men and women who were homeschooled stepping out and sharing what they had learned! It was a great experience for my children and I hope to continue to be involved in the future!

Later in the week, we enjoyed an entertaining evening with fellow artisans that are a part of the Smith River Artisan Trail in Virginia. The music was performed by an up and coming musician, Mason Via and I really enjoyed his style. The food was wonderful, the people were great and it was just an enjoyable and relaxing evening.   

One of the hosts of the evening was Elliot Stone of Stonehaus Farms. He and his wife have a wonderful working farm not too far away from us where they hold cheese making classes, tours and special events. Their operation sounded like it was right up our alley, so, after all the schoolwork was done the following day we head on over to check it out!

Just in time for Turkey Day, I just couldn't pass up this pose.

Their farm is very clean, picturesque and family friendly! When we arrived we were greeted by the sweetest Great Pyrenees dogs you'd ever met. They also raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, llamas, chickens, pigs, rabbits and more. 

The kids had the time of their lives. Me? I personally had to overcome my fear of llamas. Yes, one spit on me as a kid. I need to get over it. Fortunately, these ones were actually kind of sweet, and no spitting occurred.  In the photo above, my kids have their hands behind their back so they don't spook the llama. My son was making sounds to try and get the llama to kiss him. Yes, I said kiss. It was hilarious seeing him try this. It didn't work but it was funny seeing him try, (of course it worked for Mr. Stone though!)

Aside from the farm animals, they also sell canned goods, essential oils, scented soy candles and other homestead related items. It was an educational and fun experience for us all! A busy week nonetheless, I hope to slow things down soon. Oh wait, the holidays are coming up, nevermind!!

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