When Life Brings You To Cotton Fields

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 Recently, my husband's work brought him down to Georgia. Twice. The second time he went ahead and took the whole family. Why not? We were directly across the street of cotton fields. No museums. No lakes. Just, cotton fields. We're homeschoolers though, so, we turned it into a homeschool lesson!

I was raised in the north and honestly have never seen a cotton field. I remember reading about plantations and cotton fields in the history books but I have never seen them up close.

The size of these cotton puffs were about 
the size of the cotton balls you buy in the store.

It was November when we were in Georgia and there were still fields to be harvested! I was surprised but, it was in the eighties that week so the growing seasons are probably different to what I'm used to.

While we were there, we noticed one day that the beautiful cotton field we saw across the street had been plowed harvested. 

And check out those bales! Who knew they made cotton bales similar to hay bales? Well, I guess if you are from Georgia you knew this, obviously. 

We were surprised by how much cotton was left over and not picked up by the machines. We would be driving by the road and cotton would be flying on the sides of the road and in the street, everywhere!

Needless to say, we brought some cotton home and hey, maybe we'll try to make a tee-shirt out of it. But, that's a different lesson!

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  1. Heather, I was always astonished as well by the sheer SOFTNESS of cotton straight from the bill! So different from cotton after production!

    Very, very cool experience for y'all. :)

  2. Sorry, I hate auto-correct sometimes. I MEANT the BOLL.

  3. haha! Yeah, it was super soft! A fun experience for the kids, and I enjoyed it too! :)

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