Because it's your Business, To Make Sure Your Family Does Their Business, in Comfort

Thrift Schooling

Ohhh, THAT kind of business! 

Well, it's true, isn't it?
 From day one, we make sure we use only the softest baby wipes. Maybe you even bought those baby wipe warmers to keep from shocking the little guy with a cold wet wipe during diaper changing time! Or, you could have been as extreme as me, and actually MADE your own wipes so you knew every single ingredient that was touching your child's skin. Yeah, I did that.

So why stop there?

Yes, I'm frugal. I'm thrifty. But I cannot stand rough, thin toilet paper!! (Is that TMI??) It runs out crazy fast and even though it may cost only $1 a roll, it never lasts! 

When I told my kids that we would be using Charmin, immediately the picture of the bear family popped into their heads and they said, "that's supposed to be really soft!" Those Internet commercials must have had an effect on them because I never thought they would be so excited over toilet paper!

Since I'm the one that usually realizes at the last minute that we have hit the last roll in the house, it was nice to see with Charmin that I had some time to get the store and buy some more with only one roll left! These rolls last much longer and are more effective than the cheap store brand ones. Charmin is a brand that most of us have heard of but often pass by to try to save a penny. This is certainly a great buy because it's thicker, lasts longer and well, it gets the job done!

Check This Out!

The Charmin Relief Project!
Save the butts that save our butts!

Disclaimer: Thanks to Charmin for providing my family with a pack of four 
Charmin Ultra-Soft Mega Rolls for the purpose of this review. 
All opinions stated here are my own.

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