KJV Note-Taker's Bible {Review}

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The King James Version Note-Taker's Bible is a large hardcover Bible with plenty of margin provided to take notes! You know, there is just something about that old raggedy Bible that has been with you through the ages. Personally, mine is a leather bound one that I have had for over fifteen years! It's highlighted, marked up, notes throughout the tiny margins and I'm pretty sure it's missing some pages. That Bible has been with me everywhere! Through Bible College, on the mission field, for the first nine years of my marriage and three kids! Even though I adore that Bible and it holds some precious memories, it is not the Bible itself that in reality that has helped me through but the power of the Word itself, the God of the Bible. So, with that said, I have decided to retire my old leather bound Bible and start fresh and anew with the KJV Note-Taker's Bible.

It's weird opening up a fresh new Bible with no highlighted verses or notes on the side but there will be plenty of time for that! I'm excited to begin using this Bible and marking it all up with new and fresh revelation. We like to teach our kids to take notes in church, and I love to do the same!

I personally like the King James Version and that is the version I have been reading for the past fifteen years. An interesting element that is different with this Bible than the previous one I owned is the dedication in the beginning! In the beginning of the Bible they printed out the dedication to King James that was presented to the King when he received this translation of the Bible! Quite an interesting read.

I'm excited to have a new Bible and hope this one lasts me another fifteen years, at least!

Disclaimer: Thanks to the Book Look Blogger Program for providing this book for this review! All opinions stated here are my own.

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