Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Refreshing and Cleansing {Pure & Essential Minerals Review)

I forgot how refreshing a good, cool, mud mask treatment can feel! I used to do mud masks all the time as a teenager to help open up my pores and refresh my skin. It's been many, many years since I've actually had the time to splurge and pamper myself at home! I often think about it but there are so many other priorities as a homeschool mom that I often push things like painting my nails or giving myself a good facial treatment to the side.

Okay, I'm a sucker for anything made from the Dead Sea. It brings back good memories. Hiking up a mountain, by moonlight with friends and camping overnight by the Dead Sea where David was hiding from Saul. Priceless. Oh yeah, and being awoken by wild camels grazing along the mountain top. Floating in the Dead Sea and being foolish enough to rub my eyes directly afterward. Yes. Experiences like this are once in a lifetime and treasured dearly, so I was certainly eager to try Pure and Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask.

Honestly, it was everything I was hoping for. First of all, you only need to apply it for 10 to 15 minutes or so. I was thinking that it would need to set on my face much longer but it does what it needs to quite quickly. Then, I absolutely love the texture and consistency. It's not too gritty but rubs on smooth and silky. You do need to apply generously, which is not a real issue since there is enough in each container for a full years worth of treatments if you do it once a month. I love the way you can feel the coolness of the mask setting in after about five or ten minutes. The mask then hardens and you know that it's almost time to wash off. Once you feel it starting to crack then you can wash it off with warm water and a washcloth. Your face then feels clean, refreshed and rejuvinated! I highly recommend this mask for a fun, home, facial treat!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Health Benefits of Dandelion Root (A Kiss Me Organics Review)

One year, it took a while before we got our riding lawn mower working. Quite a while. Okay, I think it was the Forth of July weekend before we got our first good mow in! I will tell you though, that it is quite interesting what will begin to grow when you don't mow. Yes, weeds galore, but did you know that some of the plants that we consider weeds in our society today are actually beneficial? It shocked me how many edible and medicinal plants were growing in my own backyard and year after year we were just mowing right over them! I began to wonder how much money I could actually save by becoming knowledgeable in the health benefits of what was native to our area, even the weeds! Yes, we still mow, a little, but now we save the good stuff! For example, marshmallow, willow, lambs quarters, wild onion, certain mushrooms and dandelion. Dandelion is one of my kids favorites. Oddly enough because it is quite bitter. But, we do need some bitter in our diets and we try to raise our kids to have that understanding. 

In the summers, when making salads, the kids will head outdoors and grab some dandelion greens to add to the mix! A great addition! Dandelion root is also extremely beneficial and helpful to the body. I haven't personally harvested the root yet, but Kiss Me Organics has! They even figured out a way to tone down the harsh bitterness of dandelion by turning it into a tea with the addition of hibiscus and cinnamon! Their Organic Dandelion Root Tea  is a natural, caffeine-free organic tea available on Amazon. We tend to lean towards organic teas when we are sick than to medicine. We aren't completely opposed to medicine, we do use it we just use it as a last resort. My children are not strangers to dandelion root tea, we have had it in the house before so when we received this tea in the mail they were excited to try it out! My youngest son took to it right away, he loves it! The other brands we've tried didn't have any added flavors like this one does so the cinnamon flavor was an added treat! His older brother wasn't a big fan, but he isn't much of a tea drinker. My daughter enjoyed it as well and has asked for it again! Since the weather is warming up, we may have to turn it into iced-tea!

The health benefits listed above show how this tea can be used as a detox or can maintain good liver and kidney health. It is rich in vitamins and to think that I've always considered it an obnoxious weed! Well, no longer!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why Hillsong Music is Not Played In My Home

I don't question the sincerity of the musicians of the Hillsong band. I don't questions their motives or their genuine experiences with God. I don't undermine the worship bands who play these songs or those who listen to them. 

I also don't question the sincerity of Muslims who pray to Mecca five times a day. I don't question the sincerity of the Orthadox Jews crying out to their God at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Sincerity is not the issue. Living according to the principles of the Word of God is the issue.

"Sincerety is not truth. You cannot put the seed of God in the Egyptian human and produce something good. Put the seed of God in a pure and godly womb and you'll produce the fruits of the Spirit," (Holcolm Brothers, Strange Fire Seminar 2002).

Is it fair that I compare the modern worship music movement to false religions such as Islam? Well, I believe that this movement is a false religion, based on emotion, and I will explain why.

Only that which is birthed out of the Word of God will remain forever. The concept of a Christian band  is something I question. The musicians may be sincere, their experiences with God real, but is it Biblical? Is it trying to mix the ways of the world with the things of God? Only that which is based in the Word of God will last.

"The grass withers, the flower fades: but the Word of our God shall stand for ever," (Isaiah 40:8).

It is the Word of God is what changes hearts.
It is the Word of God that sets the captive free.
It is the Word of God that draws us closer to Him.

The problem with modern day worship is it focuses on our experience, not the God of our experience. Over the past few decades the music we sing has strayed so far away from Scripture that we don't even realize it. It focuses on us, not God. 

Look at the Repetition of the Words or a Chorus

The Bible says that the angels cry, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord almighty," (Isaiah 6:3). This is a from of worship. Glorifying God. The problem with modern day worship music is that it does not repeat words glorifying God as much as it is repeating words to try to convince ourselves of something. The focus is on "I' or "me." Did you know that repetetion of words in a crowd is a hypnosis technique. This is not a joke. I do not say this lightly. It is real and powerful. Hitler was probably the most effective in using this technique because he understood its power.

 "The influence of repetition on crowds is comprehensible when the power is seen which it exercises on the most enlightened minds. This power is due to the fact that the repeated statement is embedded in the long run in those profound regions of our unconscious selves in which the motives of our actions are forged.” 

Hitler describes in his writings: “What you say to the people collectively in that receptive state of fanatical abandonment remains in their mind like an order given to someone under hypnosis, which can not be wiped out and resists all logical argument“.

He uses the very same words again and again in his speeches. Consider why he repeatedly says “Jew, Jew, Jew”. Hitler had learnt that repeating a word three times had an identifiable effect on the crowd. Include and repeat, “blame, blame, blame” and you have mass hypnosis being used for evil purposes." (Hynposis Black Secrets).

Do I think that our worship leaders or that the song writers of modern music want to hypnotize us? No. I believe that it is satan. He is gaining control of our songs and leading us away from the Word of God, and we are letting him. I am not comparing our worship teams to Hitler, but Hitler rather to satan. Think about it. If satan can influence the crowds to sing unscriptural words over and over again once or twice a week then it will become stuck in our heads the rest of their week. Rather than dwelling on Scripture, Christians are going around thinking in their head or singing aloud words that have no authority or power as the Word of God does. 

For example:

"Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders." (Hillsong quote).

This is a prayer. Pray this in your prayer closet and see God move. This is not a worship song. It is not a praise song. It is a prayer. I get it. I may pray like this myself, at home, in my prayer closet, between me and God. But this doesn't not fit within the definition of worshiping or praising God

Satan wants Christians singing this over and over rather than getting the mind of Christ through the Word of God, the only thing that holds complete power on this earth today. 

I appreciate my pastor's sermon this past week when he said that when we are depressed, sad, or down we need to get in the Word of God. That message was water to my soul. Why? Because the Word will change you. Too many Christians suggest, "playing worship music," when you are sad and depressed. The problem with that is, most of the music labeled worship has nothing to do with the Word. It does nothing. If it does do something, it is simply based on emotion and an hour later, nothing is different and the Christian is confused as to why things aren't changing in their life. Then they turn to depression medication, or other things. The Word of God will change you, modern worship music does not.  

Just as Oprah is not allowed to be watched in my home because it draws on the emotion of the crowd through a false religion, modern Christian bands that with light shows and rock music such as Hillsong and Bethel are not allowed to be played in my home. This is my personal conviction. Your convictions may be different. What I am speaking about is in my home. If it is played other places, I'll listen but I won't sing. I can't sing. Because my convictions have been the same about Christian rock music for over ten years. God does not change with the times and neither will I. I am as fervent now about not allowing the world to creep into Christian music now as I was then. 

Please join me as we teach our children songs from the Word of God. The words of power, life and freedom!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Keep your Leather Fresh and Clean! (A Leather Nova Review)

Remember when you received your first, pristine, classy leather furniture for your home? Nothing beats that fresh leather smell! Of course, several kids, dogs, cats or group get-togethers later the original appeal begins to fade. At first I didn't even want to consider purchasing a specific cleaner for my leather couches since I am trying to be thrifty and all. I also lean more towards healthy and natural cleaners. Having children in the home has made me more aware of the cleaners I use. No longer do I simply pull out the bleach! Leather Nova has recently introduced me to three of their Leather Care Products. This has been quite timely I might add.

 Leather Cleaner
Leather Conditioner & Restorer
2-in-1 Leather Conditioner & Cleaner 

Leather Cleaner

The Leather Cleaner deeply penetrates leather pores to remove dirt, grime and oil. It is a safe formula that can be used on all types of leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. Unlike other leather cleaners, it does not contain any harsh detergents or toxic ingredients that can actually cause leather to dry out. It comes in a spray bottle with a microfiber towel to help aid in the cleaning process. It is suggested to spray onto the towel and then rub onto the leather rather than spraying the leather itself. I would recommend using the towel to provide regular upkeep with your leather furniture. Simply spray on the towel and wipe down your furniture quickly and efficiently. If you are working on large stains through I would recommend using a thick sponge. The microfiber towel didn't seem to work well for harder, set in stains on my couch.  

Leather Conditioner & Restorer

The Leather Conditioner provides safe and durable protection for all leather and vinyl surfaces by using high grade polymers which restore the leather to its original sheen. It is suggested to use this conditioner monthly to help maintain the quality of your furniture. This product comes with a sponge meant to be used solely for your leather products. It is tough enough to keep control while cleaning but not too harsh and won't scuff up your furniture.

2-in-1 Leather Conditioner & Cleaner 

Providing the best qualities of the other two cleaners, the Leather Conditioner & Cleaner provides effective and deep cleaning. While removing dirt and stains from the leather surfaces, it also conditions and adds the vital nutrients to the leather to make it soft and supple. It includes only premium ingredients which clean, enrich, restore and protect your leather. It gives a non-greasy finish to prevent premature drying and cracking. This too comes with a sponge that the cleaner can be poured onto directly.   

Spring cleaning is coming up and this will definitely be used to help my leather furniture receive the treatment it deserves! In addition to furniture these products can be used on any leather, vinyl or plastic materials!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Free Kent Hovind (Part 1)


The most famous, feared and notable creation speaker Dr. Kent Hovind spent nearly a decade in federal prison. Now, he has been charged with up to 100 years for ‘mail fraud’ before release.

   He was a science teacher for 15 years and began a full-time creation ministry. He has traveled all over the world doing seminars on creation, evolution and dinosaurs. He debated more then 100 scientists concerning evolution versus creation and created the well known 7 part video creation series translated into 32 languages.

                In 2007 he was incarcerated for ‘structuring’ based on inaccurate charges. On 2 March 2015 he began a new trial for being charged for using the prison mail system ‘fraudulently’ to appeal his previous 58-felony count conviction ‘contempt’.

Some Remarkable Details:

8 affidavits confirm Judge Margaret Casey said Dr. Hovind ‘crime’ is worse than rape; Altering of the trial transcript; Margaret Casey is the same judge for Dr.Hovind’s new trial; Dr. Hovind has been transferred to and from 24 prison facilities.
Despite Kent’s tribulation, he has managed to lead over 700 prisoners to Jesus Christ and write over 30 books over the duration of his imprisonment.

On May 18th, those in support of Kent Hovind are asking every able churches in America to get down to Pensacola FL. (address can be found at “Help Free Kent”) Specifically, we need to pray for Judge Rodgers, Tiffany Eggers, J. Ryan Love and IRS agent Scott Schnieder, that their hearts will be changed and Mr. Hovind will be set free!

Can't get down there? You can still help fight this injustice!

» Write Personalized Letter and Email to Public Defender Thomas Keith DOJ Pardon Officer Attorney:

Dear Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers,
Why you are supportive of Kent Hovind
Why you think he has spent enough time in prison.
Why having Kent Hovind out of prison would be a blessing.
Positive Qualities you see in Kent Hovind.
There is no need to address the charges or what your thoughts are on the governments decision to prosecute Kent Hovind.

Send the letter to the following address (and email to: thomas_keith@fd.org):

Attorney Thomas Keith
Blount Building, 2nd Floor
3 W Garden Street, Suite 200
Pensacola, FL 32502

» Call, Write Letter and Email DOJ Requesting Pardon for Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen

Phone: 202-616-6070 Email: USPardon.Attorney@usdoj.gov
Office of the Pardon Attorney
1425 New York Avenue, N.W.
Suite 11000
Washington, D.C. 20530

» Call, Email and Contact via Social Media Rep. Peter Roskam of Ways and Means Committee who is looking in to IRS illegally seizing bank accounts

Rep. Peter Roskam at 202-225-4561
Contact him via website, facebook, twitter and youtube

» Sign Petition For Unconditional Pardon for Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen

Sign petition at WhiteHouse.Gov

» Contact Court System Defending/Prosecuting Kent Hovind

Public Defender Thomas S Keith 850.432.1418 thomas_keith@fd.org
Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers 850.435.8448
US Prosecutor Pamela C. Marsh 850-942-8430 usafln.state.court@usdoj.gov
US Prosecutor Tiffany Hope Eggers 850.444.4000 tiffany.eggers@usdoj.gov
US Prosecutor Ryan J. Love (850) 444-4000 ryan.love@usdoj.gov

» Contact Anti-Christian Judge Rodgers and Her Boss and Let Them Know How Displeased You Are With Judge Rodgers:

*IMPORTANT: Do not do something irresponsible like make threats, condone violence or anything unbiblical
1- Her Boss’s Information Senior, District Judge: L.A. Collier – Phone: (850) 444-0174 & Fax: (850) 444-0177 (Let’s let them know about our displeasure about This Anti-Christian Judge-Margaret Casey Rogers)
2- Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers Contact Information: Pensacola Division: Phone: (850) 435-8448 Fax: (850) 437 7897 (FAX YOU’RE DISAPPROVAL IN LETTER)
3- Give Judge Rodgers something to think about, give her a web evaluation at “The Robing Room“.

» Contact Media Outlets in and Around Pensacola FL.

Pensacola FL. Media List (here) Newspaper List (here)
Ron Paul Florida Media List (here)
List of Radio Stations (here)

» Ask Your Congressman/Representative To Get Involved

Download letter in .rtf .doc or .pdf
Then find your congressman at this website or representative at this website and mail in and email letter!

» Ask Your Church Pastor To Get Involved

Download letter in .rtf .doc or .pdf
Then email your Church or read the letter in front of the Church!

» Ask Media/News Outlets To Get Involved

Download letter in .rtf .doc or .pdf
Then email your local news station – tell everyone they can get information on how to interview kent at this website/page!

Print Timeline and Show it to Reporters During March 2nd Trial

Download timeline in pdf form. Or copy and paste dates in this article.

» Download, Print and Hand Out #FreeKent Hovind Brochure

Download brochure in .pdf
You can get 1000 black and white copies for less than $50 at your local UPS store then hand out copies to church members, cars in parking lots and at homes.

» Download, Print and Hand Out Provocative Business Cards

Instruction: Click the .jpg link(s) below and then drag and drop the image to your desktop or folder where you want to save image.

1st – Design: Download business card in .jpg
2nd – Design: Download business card in .jpg
3rd – Design: Download business card in .jpg
4th – Design: Download business card in .jpg

You can get 1000 black and white copies for less than $50 at your local UPS store then hand out copies to church members, cars in parking lots and at homes.

» Email and/or Call All Churches on List Asking Them to Show Support of Kent Hovind

(Please start in surrounding areas around Pensacola Florida) Click Here For List of KJV Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches in America.

» Have Friends and Family Sign Letter to Congress and Mail It In

Download letter in .rtf .doc or .pdf
Then find your congressman at this website and mail them the letter with signatures!

» Sign Petition

We have over 21,000 signatures in our previous petitions! This new petition goal is to reach 99,000 and here is another petition at change.org.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sari Superfoods {Review}

More parents are understanding the importance of providing their families with healthy, organic whole foods for their families. We all are aware of the dangers of too much corn syrup, additives and preservatives in our foods. Even vitamins and supplements such as your prenatal or probiotics can have extra additives that your body isn't designed to digest. Thanks to Sari Foods
our family has been able to incorporate the following superfood products into our daily lives.


Who knew that pond scum could be so good for you? Haha, no really, spirulina is in essence just that. But, in all honesty, it is one of the best things you should include into your diet! Personally, I use spirulina when I am nursing for that extra energy push that I need. Since it has such a high concentration of protein it helps replenish me when baby is draining me dry! Not only that, the intense green color that spirulina holds comes from it's chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is essential after birth, and highly recommended by midwives. Chlorophyll helps to restore the blood that was lost during birth, so ideally it is important to have on hand immediately after birth. Spirulina has over 100 types of vitamins & nutrients, more than any other type of grain, plant, or herb. So instead of hitting your local pond trying to find this wonder of the world, simply buy this powder and infuse into anything your heart desires! When I received my 16 ounce bag of Spirulina Powder from Sari Foods, we added it to our hummus. It turned our favorite treat bright green and added a pile of nutrients to our snack! We also keep it on hand to add into salad dressings and green smoothies.


If you like to sprinkle cheese on virtually anything but can't have dairy then you might enjoy Nutritional Yeast Flakes by Sari Foods. This gluten and dairy free superfood is a non-synthetic whole food that you can feel good about. It can be used as a low sodium salt substitute and it is lightly cheese flavored so it can be sprinkled on anything that you would put cheese on. When I received my 8oz package, we began using this on salads for an added health kick. I'm also keeping it on hand for when we make our own popcorn. We don't use a microwave in our home and pop our kernals on the stove. One of the best benefits of this is that we can control what it is seasoned with and I know what I am feeding my family! This is a great addition to our kitchen that we can feel good about.
Sari foods nutritional yeast is naturally comprised of 50% protein, over 20% fiber, contains all 18 amino acids and 15 different minerals (including iron, selenium and zinc) as well as a natural vitamin B-complex and Beta-glucans (known for their extreme immune enhancing properties). I'm not sure I can say that about the additives found in tradtional microwave popcorn!

If you are looking for a source of Vitamin C besides the supplements that you can pick up at your grocery store then you might enjoy Vitamin C Powder by Sari Foods. This Vitamin C
is 100% food based.  Vitamin C is nature’s complete complex, providing you with all of the benefits of this miracle vitamin without compromising your body or health. It is extracted from acerola cherries so you can be sure that it is completely food based and able to be absorbed by your body with no problems. The most ideal use for this powder is to add it to smoothies or other drinks healthy drinks such as kombucha or teas. I highly recommend this as a healthy, organic addition to the healthy drinks you already make!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy (Review)

Recently, our medicine cabinet has become filled not with pill bottles and poisonous chemicals but herbal teas and essential oils. One of my favorites is Instanatural's line. Specifically the Lemon Essential Oil and the Peppermint. What draws me to this company is the price. It is significantly cheaper than the kind that your local health food store or Essential Oil Rep that you know is selling, (because trust me, I've seen the prices of both!) Our family is only in the learning stages when it comes to essential oils and we only ever purchase a few at a time, usually as needed. The main reason we don't go out and buy each and every oil possible for each and every ailment out there, quite frankly, is the cost. 

We are absolutely willing to spend $10 - $20 on a small vile of tea tree oil to help with our laundry or with baby diaper rashes since we know it will go far, but again we only purchase as needed! Fortunately, with Instanatural, you can spend about $20 and receive over three times the amount than what you would on others! And, it's not watered down with coconut oil or additives. 

Well, here we are again, at the point in my life where I am in need. Pregnancy! Love it. Okay, I love the baby part, not so much the excessive sickness my first four or five months part. Let me tell you. I do not just get nauseous but I get sick. Violently so. And not just in the morning. It's pretty bad. And yes. I've tried ginger. I try eating every two hours. I do this, that and the other thing and all the little tricks that seem to work for some, they just do not work for me. 

For me, the first several months are basically a time of basic survival. Trying to get through the day in one piece, (all while making sure my kids are fed, clean and homeschooled). 

We get through it, somehow. And let me tell you, anything that can make just a few minutes of my day a bit brighter is worth sharing! Both lemon essential oils and peppermint are great for daily use to help with nausea during pregnancy! Personally, I don't ingest it but there are other uses for it. Simply sniff either one when you are starting to feel sick and take the edge off. It's true! I remember a few years ago when I was sick as a dog with my son, a friend showed up at my doorstep with a lemon pound cake and lemon scented body lotion. She said that just the scent of lemon always helped her when she was sick during her pregnancies! And I have found this to be true as well. When I am feeling my worst but need to keep pushing on forward, the simple smell of the lemon oil helps tremendously! The oil can also be used as a foot soak or it can be rubbed on the wrist for optimal effect.

Another concern during pregnancy is always the use of harsh chemicals while cleaning, especially products with bleach. Another use for the lemon essential oil is that it can be used to help aid cleaning. We put a couple drops in our laundry to help keep that lemon scent in our clothes! It can also be used in the dishwasher to help make those glasses shine or add it to olive oil and rub on your wood furniture. What I love about Instanatural's essential oils is that they come with a dropper. Many oils you buy do not and you have to use your own dropper for each oil. I like the convenience of having the dropper already in the bottle, ready for use!

The peppermint oil also helps with nausea. It's a little less potent than the lemon oil and I like to carry it in my purse to sniff or rub on my wrist if needed. Another suggestion with peppermint oil is that you can rub it around your belly button when you are feeling sick. I did notice that like with the lemon oil, this did take the edge off and seems to work right away.

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