Free Kent Hovind (Part 1)

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The most famous, feared and notable creation speaker Dr. Kent Hovind spent nearly a decade in federal prison. Now, he has been charged with up to 100 years for ‘mail fraud’ before release.

   He was a science teacher for 15 years and began a full-time creation ministry. He has traveled all over the world doing seminars on creation, evolution and dinosaurs. He debated more then 100 scientists concerning evolution versus creation and created the well known 7 part video creation series translated into 32 languages.

                In 2007 he was incarcerated for ‘structuring’ based on inaccurate charges. On 2 March 2015 he began a new trial for being charged for using the prison mail system ‘fraudulently’ to appeal his previous 58-felony count conviction ‘contempt’.

Some Remarkable Details:

8 affidavits confirm Judge Margaret Casey said Dr. Hovind ‘crime’ is worse than rape; Altering of the trial transcript; Margaret Casey is the same judge for Dr.Hovind’s new trial; Dr. Hovind has been transferred to and from 24 prison facilities.
Despite Kent’s tribulation, he has managed to lead over 700 prisoners to Jesus Christ and write over 30 books over the duration of his imprisonment.

On May 18th, those in support of Kent Hovind are asking every able churches in America to get down to Pensacola FL. (address can be found at “Help Free Kent”) Specifically, we need to pray for Judge Rodgers, Tiffany Eggers, J. Ryan Love and IRS agent Scott Schnieder, that their hearts will be changed and Mr. Hovind will be set free!

Can't get down there? You can still help fight this injustice!

» Write Personalized Letter and Email to Public Defender Thomas Keith DOJ Pardon Officer Attorney:

Dear Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers,
Why you are supportive of Kent Hovind
Why you think he has spent enough time in prison.
Why having Kent Hovind out of prison would be a blessing.
Positive Qualities you see in Kent Hovind.
There is no need to address the charges or what your thoughts are on the governments decision to prosecute Kent Hovind.

Send the letter to the following address (and email to:

Attorney Thomas Keith
Blount Building, 2nd Floor
3 W Garden Street, Suite 200
Pensacola, FL 32502

» Call, Write Letter and Email DOJ Requesting Pardon for Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen

Phone: 202-616-6070 Email:
Office of the Pardon Attorney
1425 New York Avenue, N.W.
Suite 11000
Washington, D.C. 20530

» Call, Email and Contact via Social Media Rep. Peter Roskam of Ways and Means Committee who is looking in to IRS illegally seizing bank accounts

Rep. Peter Roskam at 202-225-4561
Contact him via website, facebook, twitter and youtube

» Sign Petition For Unconditional Pardon for Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen

Sign petition at WhiteHouse.Gov

» Contact Court System Defending/Prosecuting Kent Hovind

Public Defender Thomas S Keith 850.432.1418
Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers 850.435.8448
US Prosecutor Pamela C. Marsh 850-942-8430
US Prosecutor Tiffany Hope Eggers 850.444.4000
US Prosecutor Ryan J. Love (850) 444-4000

» Contact Anti-Christian Judge Rodgers and Her Boss and Let Them Know How Displeased You Are With Judge Rodgers:

*IMPORTANT: Do not do something irresponsible like make threats, condone violence or anything unbiblical
1- Her Boss’s Information Senior, District Judge: L.A. Collier – Phone: (850) 444-0174 & Fax: (850) 444-0177 (Let’s let them know about our displeasure about This Anti-Christian Judge-Margaret Casey Rogers)
2- Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers Contact Information: Pensacola Division: Phone: (850) 435-8448 Fax: (850) 437 7897 (FAX YOU’RE DISAPPROVAL IN LETTER)
3- Give Judge Rodgers something to think about, give her a web evaluation at “The Robing Room“.

» Contact Media Outlets in and Around Pensacola FL.

Pensacola FL. Media List (here) Newspaper List (here)
Ron Paul Florida Media List (here)
List of Radio Stations (here)

» Ask Your Congressman/Representative To Get Involved

Download letter in .rtf .doc or .pdf
Then find your congressman at this website or representative at this website and mail in and email letter!

» Ask Your Church Pastor To Get Involved

Download letter in .rtf .doc or .pdf
Then email your Church or read the letter in front of the Church!

» Ask Media/News Outlets To Get Involved

Download letter in .rtf .doc or .pdf
Then email your local news station – tell everyone they can get information on how to interview kent at this website/page!

Print Timeline and Show it to Reporters During March 2nd Trial

Download timeline in pdf form. Or copy and paste dates in this article.

» Download, Print and Hand Out #FreeKent Hovind Brochure

Download brochure in .pdf
You can get 1000 black and white copies for less than $50 at your local UPS store then hand out copies to church members, cars in parking lots and at homes.

» Download, Print and Hand Out Provocative Business Cards

Instruction: Click the .jpg link(s) below and then drag and drop the image to your desktop or folder where you want to save image.

1st – Design: Download business card in .jpg
2nd – Design: Download business card in .jpg
3rd – Design: Download business card in .jpg
4th – Design: Download business card in .jpg

You can get 1000 black and white copies for less than $50 at your local UPS store then hand out copies to church members, cars in parking lots and at homes.

» Email and/or Call All Churches on List Asking Them to Show Support of Kent Hovind

(Please start in surrounding areas around Pensacola Florida) Click Here For List of KJV Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches in America.

» Have Friends and Family Sign Letter to Congress and Mail It In

Download letter in .rtf .doc or .pdf
Then find your congressman at this website and mail them the letter with signatures!

» Sign Petition

We have over 21,000 signatures in our previous petitions! This new petition goal is to reach 99,000 and here is another petition at

Disclaimer: This info was copied from the Free Kent Hovind Website. Feel free to reblog, this info is meant to be shared. 

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