Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy (Review)

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Recently, our medicine cabinet has become filled not with pill bottles and poisonous chemicals but herbal teas and essential oils. One of my favorites is Instanatural's line. Specifically the Lemon Essential Oil and the Peppermint. What draws me to this company is the price. It is significantly cheaper than the kind that your local health food store or Essential Oil Rep that you know is selling, (because trust me, I've seen the prices of both!) Our family is only in the learning stages when it comes to essential oils and we only ever purchase a few at a time, usually as needed. The main reason we don't go out and buy each and every oil possible for each and every ailment out there, quite frankly, is the cost. 

We are absolutely willing to spend $10 - $20 on a small vile of tea tree oil to help with our laundry or with baby diaper rashes since we know it will go far, but again we only purchase as needed! Fortunately, with Instanatural, you can spend about $20 and receive over three times the amount than what you would on others! And, it's not watered down with coconut oil or additives. 

Well, here we are again, at the point in my life where I am in need. Pregnancy! Love it. Okay, I love the baby part, not so much the excessive sickness my first four or five months part. Let me tell you. I do not just get nauseous but I get sick. Violently so. And not just in the morning. It's pretty bad. And yes. I've tried ginger. I try eating every two hours. I do this, that and the other thing and all the little tricks that seem to work for some, they just do not work for me. 

For me, the first several months are basically a time of basic survival. Trying to get through the day in one piece, (all while making sure my kids are fed, clean and homeschooled). 

We get through it, somehow. And let me tell you, anything that can make just a few minutes of my day a bit brighter is worth sharing! Both lemon essential oils and peppermint are great for daily use to help with nausea during pregnancy! Personally, I don't ingest it but there are other uses for it. Simply sniff either one when you are starting to feel sick and take the edge off. It's true! I remember a few years ago when I was sick as a dog with my son, a friend showed up at my doorstep with a lemon pound cake and lemon scented body lotion. She said that just the scent of lemon always helped her when she was sick during her pregnancies! And I have found this to be true as well. When I am feeling my worst but need to keep pushing on forward, the simple smell of the lemon oil helps tremendously! The oil can also be used as a foot soak or it can be rubbed on the wrist for optimal effect.

Another concern during pregnancy is always the use of harsh chemicals while cleaning, especially products with bleach. Another use for the lemon essential oil is that it can be used to help aid cleaning. We put a couple drops in our laundry to help keep that lemon scent in our clothes! It can also be used in the dishwasher to help make those glasses shine or add it to olive oil and rub on your wood furniture. What I love about Instanatural's essential oils is that they come with a dropper. Many oils you buy do not and you have to use your own dropper for each oil. I like the convenience of having the dropper already in the bottle, ready for use!

The peppermint oil also helps with nausea. It's a little less potent than the lemon oil and I like to carry it in my purse to sniff or rub on my wrist if needed. Another suggestion with peppermint oil is that you can rub it around your belly button when you are feeling sick. I did notice that like with the lemon oil, this did take the edge off and seems to work right away.

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