My Aunt's Ravensbruck Release: 70 Years Ago Today

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 70 years ago today, my Great-Aunt, Clarin Smeenk was liberated from the Holocaust camp, Ravensbruck by the Swedish Red Cross. She was there for over seven months before her rescue. My Aunt was not a Jew, but helped hide Jews on her farm during the war. No person should ever be forced to endure the terror, hunger and torture that occurred in these camps. I was fortunate enough to meet my Aunt when I was eleven years old while visiting her home in Holland. At that age I wasn't ready to hear of the events of times past and she wasn't ready to share. But, years later she did open up to others so that the younger generations would not be ignorant of what happened.

Ravensbruck Concentration Camp  

Parents. Let us not be ignorant of Europe's recent past. Soon, those who experienced this tragedy will no longer be with us. It is up to us, the next generation to be vigilant, alert and aware. 

Kent Hovind has been trying to warn us about some the warning signs of an unhealthy government that can lead to terrible, sinister acts such as the murder of so many in the Holocaust. One of these signs is the belief of evolution. Did you know that Jeffery Daumer, a well-known serial killer and cannibal in the early 90's admitted that one of the main reasons he acted the way he did was because of the theory of evolution? He knew not of a God in which he was accountable and acted as an animal, which is what he was taught he was through the religion of evolution. 

Hitler was trying to give evolution a push, a head start and thought he was doing the process a favor in killing off the Jewish people. We cannot be ignorant of these lies infiltrating our society and need to stand firm against them. 

Today, I honor my Aunt and hope her experiences are not forgotten so that the next generation can be aware of the signs of the times.

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