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Free Sample of Happy Calm Focused (Just Pay Shipping)

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The brain. The control center of our bodies. God has so carefully designed the human body with the skull to protect it and the backbone to protect the nerves connecting to it because it is the essence of our physical existence. Yet, even though we have natural protection for our brain, it is amazing how so easily we can damage it by the choices we make everyday concerning what we consume. I'm just as guilty as the next person. We live in a world bombarded with chemicals and toxins, medicines and poisons that are absorbed into our bloodstream and effecting our brain. Or maybe you suffered a brain injury causing developmental issues with your brain either as a child or an adult. Whatever the case, restoring our bodies with the proper nutrients can effectively increase brain function in our lives! Even if we try hard to eat all the right foods after years of poisoning ourselves it still may not be enough to restore all that which was lost. That is why supplements, if you find the right kind, can help your body regain the nutrients that it has been lacking. HCF: Happy Calm Focused is a natural supplement that helps to restore two specific nutrients Phenylalanine and Glutamine. These are two powerful key amino acids similarly found in whole-food proteins like fish, milk, cheese, and turkey and have been developed into a supplement that can be taken daily. This supplement is supposed to help promote alertness, energy, happiness, motivation, memory and more! Curious as to whether it works? Try it for yourself!

Disclaimer: Thanks to HCF for a free sample of the above product. All opinions stated are my own.

8 Quality History Curriculum Choices

(1) Golden Prairie Press

If you are looking for a gentle approach to teaching multi-level children in the elementary age grades, this curriculum is very hands-on! Filled with stories, songs and activities, your child will learn to fall in love with America and it's history! You can read my Golden Prairie Press Review to learn more!

(2) Home School in the Woods
This curriculum is also geared towards elementary aged children. I began it when my children were very young and am holding onto it for when they reach the older elementary grades. The content is a little more challenging and in depth than Golden Prairie Press and very detailed. I look forward to using this again! You can read my Home School in the Woods Review to learn more!

      (3) Christian Heroes: Then and Now 
Unit Studies

Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose is only one book in YWAM Publishing's Christian Heroes Now and Then Series. The unit study that goes along with this biography is easy enough for young children to understand yet challenging enough for tweens and teens to read as well. The activities that go along with this book help children understand both South American culture and the life of a Christian missionary. You can read my Jim Elliot Unit Study Review to learn more.

   (4)  The Light and Glory for Children

The Light and the Glory for Children is a book where children will see God's plan for America from Christopher Columbus to George Washington. This is geared towards upper elementary aged children and is a great story based tool written by the same authors as the original book for adults, The Light and the Glory.

(5) My State Notebook

Children enjoy learning about their own state with Abeka book's My State Notebook . This activity book is a part of their fourth grade history program. Of course, you can buy it separate and use it on it's own for any age! My son is looking forward to this hands-on approach to learning about his state this year!

 (6)  Veritas Press

If you appreciate the classical style of homeschooling then you would enjoy Veritas Press! We tried one year of their online history program along with their Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Flashcards. Even though it wasn't for us, since we aren't of the Classical mindset, many, many families are enjoying this program every year! You can read my Veritas Press Ancient Egypt Review 
to learn more!

(7) Notgrass History

Notgrass Exploring World History is also geared for older children and provides a comprehensive curriculum they can enjoy. I've heard rave reviews from moms and private school educators who have used this program! I look forward to trying this when my kids are older.

(8) Romans, Reformers and Revolutionaries

Another program that I look forward to using when my children are in the middle school years is Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries: A Biblical World History Curriculum by Answers in Genesis. I know, I'm getting ahead of myself but this looks like a quality program that my kids will enjoy when they are older. What a great way to teach my kids about the reformers from a protestant perspective!

Have I left anything out? Which history curriculum is your favorite?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Introducing Electronics In Your Homeschool Using EEME {Plus a Giveaway}

Introducing electronics in your homeschool is now easier with EEME. Last month, our family reviewed the first lesson in their monthly project subscription. When you sign up for a monthly subscription you will receive a new kit each month to work with, just be sure to keep the pieces and parts from your previous lessons because you will need some of them for several projects! We recently received our second lesson in the mail and the kids were excited to get going, again! This month's project was called Project DIY Display. We learned about the following:   

  - Segmented LED displays
  - Switch panels
  - Resistors

This project was estimated to take 1.5-2.5 hours. It took us close to 2 hours this time around. I was tempted to stop and finish another day, since it is set up so you don't need to complete the project in one sitting. We chose to push on through instead! It is easy enough to break the lesson up into chunks since there are 38 sub-lessons to go through! I love how the lessons are presented in  a video format so you can pause and rewind as you are working on your project. It is also convienient that the lessons are divided into 38 seperate videos if you do want to finish on a different day.

In between the videos, the students are asked questions about what they just learned, which helps them to retain the information better. We enjoy using this as a family and are sure to do it when everyone, including Dad, is home. Dad is in charge of the video and the kids get the electronic pieces out and are ready to go! First, the child is encouraged to take apart the last project off the breadboard to get ready for the new one. 

Before working on the actual project, your child will learn the basics of how and what makes this particular project work. They will experiment with the components provided to see the in's and out's of everything.

After several of the videos, your child will either be asked a multiple choice question or fill in the blank. We would usually have the kids answer and then fill it in for them to save time. These lessons are geared towards 7-12 year olds and our kids are on the younger end of the spectrum, but if your kids are older they could easily type in the answers on their own!

My third grader certainly is engaged in these projects and has been picking up the concepts quickly! Here he figured out, after completing the lessons, how to manually form the letter A with a period on the display! Once set up, all three of my kids enjoyed playing around and forming different letters and numbers! This project was certainly a step up from the last one and they were able to use the skills gained in the previous lesson while building this project!

 Want to try an EEME project?

* 3 Winners * Will Be Chosen to Win an Electronics Kit from EEME

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Princess Charity: Sticker and Activity Book (Review)

The Princess Charity Sticker and Activity Book, written by Jeanna Young and Jacqueline Kinney Johnson, is part of a series called The Princess Parables. Jacqueline is a former tribal missionary to the Kuna Indians located on the Colombian border in Central America. The vision for The Princess Parable Series was born in these jungles! This particular book features Charity, her father the king, and her beloved horse, Daisy. You will also be introduced to Charity's four sisters and friends throughout the book. Each of her sisters have a separate book available that showcase their interests and hobbies as well. This particular book is perfect for any little girl in love with both princesses and horses! Throughout these 16 pages of fun, you will find age-appropriate puzzles, activities and 50 reusable stickers.

What little girl doesn't have a fascination with princesses? I don't know if it's popular in America because we don't have kings and queens in our country so we are naturally drawn to the elegance associated with them? The majority of Americans are drawn to princess Kate these days and her new princess, Charlotte. Personally, I don't have a problem letting my daughter dress up as a princess and feel beautiful and have fun. We don't do Disney princesses, but as long as we teach her that God is the ultimate King, the one in charge that rules and reigns, then I am fine with her having some fun! 

This book is Christian based. Rather than focusing on magic and witches as many princess stories do, this book focuses more on quality principles. Get this for your daughter or for her friend as a gift, she won't be disappointed!

Disclaimer: Thanks so much to the  BookLook Blogger Program for providing this book in exchange for this review. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Tattooed Jesus {Book Review}

The Tattooed Jesus by Kevin Swanson

As a busy, pregnant, homeschooling mom of several children, finding time to read a quality, wholesome book is not always on the top of my list. Reading has always been important but I certainly have not been able to snuggle under my covers at night with a good book as much as I used to pre-kids! This scenario hadn't happened in a while, not until I started reading The Tattooed Jesus by Kevin Swanson. Once beginning this book, for several nights, I would be in a different room than my husband, captivated by the book and then go running to find him and share with him a life changing thought, fact or experience that the author had shared! This book is challenging, convicting and powerfully relevant in today's culture.

Christians are too easily ruined by philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men (Col. 2:8), because they are not discerning of bad ideas and bad cultural devices. Kevin Swanson addresses such varying topics as major motion pictures, popular music, country music, eastern medicine, tattoos, computer games, horror literature, fantasy, sports, super heroes, Contemporary Christian Music, Hip Hop, Thomas Kinkade, Harry Potter, Jack Bauer, Sesame Street, and the Hunger Games. - See more at:
Christians are too easily ruined by philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men (Col. 2:8), because they are not discerning of bad ideas and bad cultural devices. Kevin Swanson addresses such varying topics as major motion pictures, popular music, country music, eastern medicine, tattoos, computer games, horror literature, fantasy, sports, super heroes, Contemporary Christian Music, Hip Hop, Thomas Kinkade, Harry Potter, Jack Bauer, Sesame Street, and the Hunger Games.
Paperback. 167 Pages.
- See more at:
In The Tattooed Jesus,  Kevin Swanson addresses such varying topics as major motion pictures, popular music, country music, eastern medicine, tattoos, computer games, horror literature, fantasy, sports, super heroes, Contemporary Christian Music, Hip Hop, Thomas Kinkade, Harry Potter, Jack Bauer, Sesame Street, and the Hunger Games. 

What do these ever so popular cultural norms have to do with our faith? Is it wrong to allow ourselves or our children to become involved with these expressions of art and entertainment? To some it may seem extreme to place Harry Potter and Thomas Kinkade on the same level but, after reading this book, I felt that Swanson drew a clear distinction about what is biblical and appropriate for Christians in this day and age. 
Christians are too easily ruined by philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men (Col. 2:8), because they are not discerning of bad ideas and bad cultural devices. Kevin Swanson addresses such varying topics as major motion pictures, popular music, country music, eastern medicine, tattoos, computer games, horror literature, fantasy, sports, super heroes, Contemporary Christian Music, Hip Hop, Thomas Kinkade, Harry Potter, Jack Bauer, Sesame Street, and the Hunger Games.
Paperback. 167 Pages.
- See more at:

Christians are too easily ruined by philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men (Col. 2:8), because they are not discerning of bad ideas and bad cultural devices. Kevin Swanson addresses such varying topics as major motion pictures, popular music, country music, eastern medicine, tattoos, computer games, horror literature, fantasy, sports, super heroes, Contemporary Christian Music, Hip Hop, Thomas Kinkade, Harry Potter, Jack Bauer, Sesame Street, and the Hunger Games.
Paperback. 167 Pages.
- See more at:

The most relevant chapter for me was: Wise Discernment for Music in Home and Church. This chapter not only confirmed my most recent convictions such as what I shared in my post,  Why Hillsong Music is Not Played in My Home, but it brought to light WHY I have been struggling so long with modern Christian music. It opened my eyes and even convicted me of some of the music that I do listen to. 

This book showed me that as Christians we are always going to be faced with the culture. We have to be vigilant and aware of what is going on around us and we can't just take everything in stride and hope it all works out for the best. When I first began having convictions about secular music as a Christian I began listening to Christian rock, hardcore and punk. At least it was Christian right? No. 

Then, a few years later I was convicted of that music and got rid of all my albums and left the lifestyle and friends I had created for myself through those genres. Then about 12 years ago, I got caught up in another form of "worship" that was not biblical but based on emotion and New Age techniques. Finally, I was convicted of that. And then, through prayer and what was brought up in this book, I was convicted of even more! We are constantly being changed and transformed as we continue on in our relationship with Jesus (Romans 12:2). 

As Christians, we can never say that we have reached our goal but we always need to be changing so that we line up with the Word of God and His precepts and seeing that the culture isn't what changes us!

Prior to reading this book I already had some pretty strong convictions. We already don't allow anything that has anything to do with witches or wizards in our home (Leviticus 19:31). Believe me this is a lot harder than it seems. It seems that magic, wizards and witches are everywhere so we are constantly having to monitor what is watched or read in our home. We made a blanket statement first and foremost with our children that they cannot read or watch Harry Potter, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, anything Tolkien or anything CS Lewis. That may sound extreme, yes, but most Disney movies have a hint of magic in it so it just seemed safe to say 'no Disney.'  I know it frustrates many family and friends who just want to sit down and watch a seemingly harmless movie with my kids, but this is what my husband and I decided from when my oldest son was two and we are trying to stick to it. As for Tolkien and Lewis, I will address them later!

Believe it or not this author challenged me even beyond where I stand as a Christian now. After reading this book, I found myself cleaning off my bookshelves and movies even further! Then, even after finishing the book several weeks ago, through prayer and Bible reading, I still find myself cleaning my bookshelves of even more books that I am realizing are unbiblical. I believe that it is the Lord that is doing the cleansing, challenging and convicting. 

Some of the realizations even brought me to tears. I am serious. For example, my son has recently fallen in love with the How to Train Your Dragon books and movies. He has read through three of the books this spring. The second one in only a few days! As a mother, I enjoy seeing his love for reading. So when the author mentioned that in the second movie, one of the characters comes out of the closet I was heartbroken. Now, I am torn. The book doesn't have any homosexual characters. The only reason the movie does is because the person who did the voice of this character is a homosexual so he thought it would be funny to ad lib that in there. The producer didn't originally have that line in there, but he did end up allowing it because he thought it was funny and progressive. Uggg. What do I do now? Let him get caught up with the books but say no to the movies? Well. He is certainly not watching that movie now, and I'm up in the air about the books but leaning  more towards no. I hate it, but I have to draw the line somewhere.  

Then there was a statement brought up the author that challenged me personally. He compares modern worship songs to classic hymns and shows how the progressive change is dangerous. The early church would focus more on Psalms in their worship and now we focus on songs that use the words "I," "Me," and "Us," many times more than in traditional songs. Some modern songs are so obviously worldly and unscriptural such as singing about how the world is God's great dance floor or I am climbing a mountain with my hands open wide? What. in. the. world? These lyrics are so absurd for a worship song to Jesus, how did we get this far off track? Well, I certainly didn't like Swanson's answer. It was hard to swallow. 

He says it began with the introduction of Maranatha. What? I love those songs, are you kidding me? I sing them, with my guitar with my children in our homeschool at times. But, as I looked through my Maranatha hymnal I understood what he meant. Mixed in with hymns were cheesy, repetitious, shallow, unbiblical songs that in reality have little meaning. Yikes. But I do agree with him that this mindless style of worship has paved the way for such a twisted form of "praise and worship" found in our society today. 

As soon as someone quotes Tolkien or CS Lewis I cringe. But that is just me. I understand that people can compare the characters in their novels to spiritual or biblical events but I disagree that either of these author's books should be labeled Christian or allowed to be read or viewed by Christian children. Since I take a strong stance against wizards and witches then it should be obvious why I have a problem with Gandolf the wizard in Tolkien's works and the witch in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Series by CS Lewis. I don't know why so many intellectuals fall into the trap of thinking these writings or movies are acceptable, but it is very common, so I wasn't surprised to see that the author didn't have a problem with them. 

Overall, this was an amazing read that I highly recommend!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Generations with Visions for providing a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.  All opinions stated here are my own.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

*Giveaway* EEME Electronics Kit

Are you ready for another exciting giveaway? EEME is a great way for your kids to get their feet wet in the wonderful world of electronics! Who says the the learning has to stop this summer? Allow your kids an opportunity to learn a new skill! Don't worry if you know nothing about electronics, EEME provides online resources to do all the teaching for you! You can read about my previous experience with this company here!


Three (3) winners will be chosen to receive the

3 Winners will receive a Project Light Link Kit in the mail and have access to the online curriculum for this project! You will learn how about LEDs, resistors, circuits, electric current, and much more. It takes about 30-45 minutes to work through the entire project and online curriculum.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

*New* Film by Ray Comfort addressing a Sensitive Topic

 About the Film

From Living Waters, creators of the award-winning TV program “The Way of the Master” and the hit movies “180” and “Evolution vs. God,” comes the powerful film “Audacity.” Executive produced by TV co-host and best-selling author Ray Comfort (Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible), this film delivers an unexpected, eye-opening look at the controversial topic of homosexuality.

Peter (Travis Owens) is an aspiring comedian encouraged by his friend Ben (Ben Price, Australia’s Got Talent finalist) to perform at the local comedy club. But stage fright isn’t Peter’s only fear. 

When confronted with one of today’s most divisive issues, he feels compelled to speak, but can he? 

Challenged by his coworker Diana (Molly Ritter) to defend his convictions about homosexuality and gay marriage, will he have the courage to stand for what he believes—even at the risk of losing a friendship?

And how will he respond when faced with a harrowing life-or-death experience?

“Audacity” uses a unique approach to address a very sensitive subject in contemporary society. Regardless of your views on homosexuality, you’ll gain fresh insights and a new perspective. 

My Opinion

What a powerful movie! This movie exceeded my expectations and was a million times better than I had anticipated. I have seen other films by Ray Comfort such as 180 and Evolution vs God but this movie reached a whole new level. Rather than having the simple documentary feel, this was an actual movie with actors that also included the same powerful interviews that we appreciate from Ray Comfort's other films. I appreciated how the sensitive material presented on homosexuality was dealt with. I can see how both those who oppose homosexuality and those who may approve can be challenged by watching this movie. 

For those of us who agree with the Biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman, this movie challenges us in the way we approach, view and think about those within the homosexual community. Do we care about their souls? Do we truly want to see them converted? Or are we among the many hypocrites who shout that they are going to hell without being willing to step out of our comfort zone and truly reach their heart? Would we be willing to die for a homosexual so that they would have the chance to live and hopefully repent and turn from their ways? Jim Elliot died for a murderer. That man and his people turned from their ways unto the Lord. Many admire Jim Elliot for what he did. Would we, as Christians do the same for a homosexual?

Watch Audacity

By downloading “Audacity” (55-min.) now for $19.99, not only will you help us to create future Christian movies, but you will get to watch a month before its official release on YouTube and DVD on August 19! As a token of their appreciation, you will also receive the following digital items free of charge:
  • “Behind the Scenes” video (30-min. MP4)
  • “Love Can’t Stay Silent” music video (5-min. MP4)
  • Mark Twain: A Christian Response to His Battle With God eBook (Mark Twain hated the God of the Bible and complained bitterly that He left sex out of Heaven. An Amazon reviewer said: “Ray Comfort moves boring history to page-turning surprise after surprise.”)
  • Audacity: A Novel eBook (emailed to you upon its release)

Disclaimer: Thank you to Living Waters for the opportunity to pre-screen this film in exchange for writing an 
honest review. All opinions stated here are my own.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Ray Comfort has produced another powerful and challenging film called Audacity which looks at the controversial topic of homosexuality. View the trailer below for a glimpse into this film. You can either Download Audacity now for $19.99 or wait until August 19th when it is released online for free.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Kent Hovind's Homecoming

 What is the first image that comes to mind when I say, Christian Persecution? Are you immediately reminded of the biblical account of the beheading of John of Baptist or the stoning of Stephen? How about the historical references of the disciples that were martyrs such as Peter who was crucified upside down and James who was stoned by scribes and Pharisees? 

Maybe you think of  Lady Jane who sacrificed her life in her stance against the fallacies of the Catholic church.

You may even read the publication put out by The Voice of the Martyrs informing the western church about the persecution of Christians, right now, all over the world. 

When we think of Christian persecution, the above examples are usually what we think of, and rightly so. Usually when a fellow American Christian says they are being "persecuted" at work, school or online, we roll our eyes and think "you have no idea," while we think about those who have literally given up their lives for the gospel. It's true, this term has been abused and misunderstood in our society. 

Many think that because their unsaved family members pick on them for taking a stand for Biblical principles that they are being persecuted. No, they are just living the normal, Christian life. But, at the same time the definition of true Christian persecution is not so cut and dry nor does it fit into a predictable mold. We need to be aware and vigilant of the times and the tactics of the enemy. 

Don't you think that if an American were put in jail for preaching Jesus that it would cause an uproar among the Christian population? The enemy knows this and has been using more subtle tactics. A Christian is not going to be thrown in prison under these lines, maybe soon, but not yet. 

Instead, men like Kent Hovind are accused of structuring when the real issue is his strong stand on Creationism. Not only has Mr. Hovind been hurt by evolutionists during this jail sentence but he has been burned by the church. A majority of the American Church want nothing to do with him because they don't know the facts. They don't know why he is in jail and only listen to the lies of the media and those who accused him. 

My plea to you is to pray for those in this country who truly are being persecuted, even if you don't understand, pray for wisdom, understanding and discernment before listening to the media. You can learn more about Kent Hovind's story here!


The Hovind Family would like to celebrate the homecoming of Kent Hovind with you. He will be released from federal prison on July 8th! They invite you to celebrate with them on Saturday, July 11th!

The family will open up the Creation Today ministry home from 12 noon till 8:00 pm that day for friends and visitors to drop in and say hello. In order to help plan some light snacks for this celebration, they request that you R.S.V.P. so that they can adequately prepare.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sing Through the Bible DVD {Giveaway}

In celebration of summer, I have an exciting giveaway for you! Up for grabs for one Thrift Schooling reader is; Sing through the Bible with Buck Denver and Friends! This 60 minute DVD contains 30 music videos that take you from Genesis to Revelation through a fun and captivating musical journey. 

If your children are familiar with the What’s in the Bible? series then they will be thrilled to sing along with The Fabulous Bentley Brothers, Clive and Ian, Sunday School Lady and more! If these characters are new to them, they are certain to fall in love quickly. 

For Bible enthusiasts both young and old, the video includes on-screen sing-along lyrics for each and every video. Feel free to enjoy the trailer below to see a sample of the treat you are in for!

Personally, I am a fan of Rhett and Link, I mean, the Bentley Brothers, hehe. They are hilarious and make these videos all the more entertaining! My kids are a fan of their singing style as well but they also enjoy the puppets and fast paced songs that teach them practical aspects of the Bible. 

Want to win a copy for yourself?
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