Introducing Electronics In Your Homeschool Using EEME {Plus a Giveaway}

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Introducing electronics in your homeschool is now easier with EEME. Last month, our family reviewed the first lesson in their monthly project subscription. When you sign up for a monthly subscription you will receive a new kit each month to work with, just be sure to keep the pieces and parts from your previous lessons because you will need some of them for several projects! We recently received our second lesson in the mail and the kids were excited to get going, again! This month's project was called Project DIY Display. We learned about the following:   

  - Segmented LED displays
  - Switch panels
  - Resistors

This project was estimated to take 1.5-2.5 hours. It took us close to 2 hours this time around. I was tempted to stop and finish another day, since it is set up so you don't need to complete the project in one sitting. We chose to push on through instead! It is easy enough to break the lesson up into chunks since there are 38 sub-lessons to go through! I love how the lessons are presented in  a video format so you can pause and rewind as you are working on your project. It is also convienient that the lessons are divided into 38 seperate videos if you do want to finish on a different day.

In between the videos, the students are asked questions about what they just learned, which helps them to retain the information better. We enjoy using this as a family and are sure to do it when everyone, including Dad, is home. Dad is in charge of the video and the kids get the electronic pieces out and are ready to go! First, the child is encouraged to take apart the last project off the breadboard to get ready for the new one. 

Before working on the actual project, your child will learn the basics of how and what makes this particular project work. They will experiment with the components provided to see the in's and out's of everything.

After several of the videos, your child will either be asked a multiple choice question or fill in the blank. We would usually have the kids answer and then fill it in for them to save time. These lessons are geared towards 7-12 year olds and our kids are on the younger end of the spectrum, but if your kids are older they could easily type in the answers on their own!

My third grader certainly is engaged in these projects and has been picking up the concepts quickly! Here he figured out, after completing the lessons, how to manually form the letter A with a period on the display! Once set up, all three of my kids enjoyed playing around and forming different letters and numbers! This project was certainly a step up from the last one and they were able to use the skills gained in the previous lesson while building this project!

 Want to try an EEME project?

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